Beauty queen closes 16 restos and resorts due to pandemic, serves food to her loyal team

Published November 1, 2020, 7:14 AM

by Robert Requintina

No goodbyes, just see you soon!

This was the message of beauty queen-turned-entrepreneur Jessie Maloles after she met her loyal employees when she announced the closure of her 16 restaurants and resorts nationwide due to the pandemic.

“Temporary closed ko muna lahat. So binigyan ko sila lahat ng separation pay,” said Maloles in an exclusive interview Saturday night.

“Nagpapasalamat talaga ako sa lahat ng mga employees ko na tumulong sa pagpapatakbo ng restaurants at resorts. Magkikita pa rin tayo,” said Maloles, Mrs. Asia International 2014 runner-up.

Jessie Maloles

Restaurants under the Bless Amare Group of Companies include Bless Las Paellas, Bless Okiniiri Japanese Restaurant, Bless Amare Cafe, etc.

Instead of making it a sad moment for her employees, Maloles held a simple get-together for her hardworking team at her residence in Paranaque City on Halloween.

“So sad, but I had to let them go… Before they were serving food but before I let them go, I will serve them food,” said Maloles. Her complete message to her staff:

“Dearest Bless Family and Friends,

Thank you for making time in your life to here today. I know some of you are busy and have come from far places. I hope you’re not just here for the reason of money, separation pay, but I hope you are here because you enjoy the company of friends and family around you. 

“I hope you are here to better yourselves and gather even a bit of knowledge to better your lives. I hope you are here with sincerity to comfort and wish everyone good luck and try in some way to make each other’s life better.

“Unfortunately the Covid-19 pandemic’s effect on our business and life is hardship, to some more worse than others. I will not emphasize or  remind us of the bad effects on us, but I would rather mention some of the good things.

The Covid-19 pandemic also brought hood effects in our lives, to name some: 

  1.  The pandemic has brought us closer to God – by our prayers and beliefs, asking the mighty one for hope and light.
  2. Closer to our family – By spending time with each other during quarantine, we are able to talk, play, laugh with, and interact in many ways with our family members,
  3. It brought us closer to our inner-self, our spirit, by having time to think, prioritizing what is important in our lives, setting new goals, bettering ourselves by learning new skills, trying new hobbies, furthering our education, and finding what was the good effects the pandemic brought in our lives.
  4. It has brought a new norm to society – more are health conscious and careful. Safer ways to do things, like shopping and commuting.
  5. Closer to nature and basics such as planting food, producing plants in our own garden and harvesting to put on our table.
    “These are just some to name a few. What positive effect did this pandemic bring to your life?
    “Speaking of positives, what are the positives that you have gained in working for Bless? Please look back on how Bless has changed your lives in a positive way. 
    “Don’t look back with regret, but MOVE forward with HOPE!”

“Key word is MOVE, you have to do something even in little steps to make things happen. If you just sit there and Hope, then you are HOPELESS without action. Never give up, and always believe in yourself that your actions will cause your life to be better!

“As we say farewell to each other and wish each one of us good-luck, enjoy the moment and look upon each other as with the light in your eyes, that the next time we see each other, our lives and the world is better.

“Thank you for your service to Bless. Stay Safe! Stay Strong! Keep Faith! And God Bless!”