Movies for Halloween that won’t make you turn the lights off (we swear!)

Published October 31, 2020, 10:45 PM

by Vianca Gamboa

Not in the mood for spine-tingling thrillers after all the real-world happenings? Check out these Halloween favorites that strike a balance between spooky and heartfelt, and learn a thing or two about family, friendship, and love. 

1. Monster House (2006)

You may freak out at the thought of seeing a living, breathing furious house a few blocks from your door, but three kids set out to enter and destroy the mysterious Nebercracker residence before Halloween strikes and harm trick-or-treaters. In the end, they uncovered the sad fate and hidden truth behind its monster walls.

You can watch this on Netflix.

2. Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Jack Skellington is the Halloweentown’s Grinch who plots to dethrone Santa Claus and take over Christmastown after getting fed up with his annual routine of scaring the real world and discovering the festive spirit. His plan, however, backfires as it creates confusion among his townspeople, causing major disaster that leads to his harm.  

The Tim Burton classic tells us to stay true to ourselves, because we all have our own purpose to serve. 

3. Coraline (2009)

Coraline Jones is just like every one of us—rebellious, adventurous, and can come off a bit feisty especially when our parents say no to our constant pleading. She gets more than what she bargained for as she discovers a parallel universe much like her own, with button-eyed Other Parents that are too good to be true. Soon, she finds out that everything is not what it seems. 

This masterpiece may be on the creepier side but it teaches the importance of valuing your parents (and the nags), or else…

Still from the movie Caroline (courtesy of Focus Features)

4. Spirited Away

This Studio Ghibli masterpiece revolves around a young girl named Chihiro who stumbled upon an abandoned amusement park with her parents, which later on transformed into pigs after finding out that the place is an alternate spirit world. Lost and alone, she made friends with a spirit called Haku, a dragon disguising as a human, and together set out on an adventure to free her parents.

This movie with colorful set of characters digs deep into the wonders of childhood and imagination.

This movie is also available on Netflix.