Jake Cuenca admits ‘tiyanak’ still frightens him

Published October 30, 2020, 10:59 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Actor Jake Cuenca has admitted that the thought of “tiyanak” still frightens him these days.

“I mean hindi ko nga alam, ayoko maka-experience ng isang tiyanak pero kunwari may project na inaalok sa akin tapos re-make ng tiyanak, gagawin ko ‘yun for sure,” said Cuenca when asked about creatures that frighten him in Philippine folklore recently.  

A tiyanak is a small monster which pretends to be an innocent baby before attacking humans.

Cuenca believes that creatures like tiyanak, tikbalang, among others really exist. 

“Ang mga folklore natin napaka detalyado eh. When you dive deep into Filipino folkore, parang there’s so many stories. It’s hard to believe na all of them are not true. But for me, personally wala pa akong experience,” he also said. 

“Nag-shooting kaming ‘Eerie,’ kahit nakakatakot ang lugar I’m not really afraid of that, parang ‘di ako matatakutin na tao. But definitely if there’s a reason kung bakit sobrang detalyado ng mga kwentong ito, I think there’s a truth in that. I think people have experienced it pero for me personally parang wala pa,” Cuenca said.

Cuenca, 32, stars on iWant TFC’s back-to-back horror flicks “Sitsit” and “Scorpio” which will stream beginning Oct. 31.

In “Scorpio,” named after the Zodiac sign, Cuenca plays Danny, a lustful aging photographer who fears living a lonely life with no one to love. To get the woman he loves and is obsessed with, he takes a mysterious potion that will turn him into a young handsome man to win her heart.

In honoring the departed ones, Cuenca said that he does not wait for November to honor them. “Kumbaga parang ‘yung ginagawa ko sa buhay ko, kapag I’m doing projects that I’m very much proud of, parang laging nakatatak sa akin ‘yung memory ng mga taong nawala na sa pamilya ko. So it’s not just one day. It’s my life na dedicate ko sa dalawang lolo ko who passed away or other people who have passed away in my family.”

If time permits, Cuenca said that he would still visit them in the cemetery.

“For me, ‘yun ‘yung nagiging source ng inspiration ko. These are people who really believe in me, who really helped my family out financially back in the day. ‘Yung lahat ng ginagawa ko in my life, I really dedicate it to them, na memory of them,” the actor said.