Jodi Sta. Maria shares how she gets through tough times

Published October 28, 2020, 2:30 PM

by Paola Navarette

She can give the extra boost you need with her inspirational posts

Photo courtesy of Jodi Sta. Maria/Instagram

How do one find beauty in brokenness? Actress Jodi Sta. Maria has an answer.

For quite sometime now, Jodi has been sharing inspirational messages on her Instagram account—the latest of which are the simple life lessons people could learn from kinstugi, a Japanese art of mending broken pottery. 

Jodi, 38, likened life to kinstugi, in which gold dust is used to reattach broken pieces or fill in cracks, resulting in a striking bond. Instead of trying to hide the scars, she believes that one must embrace imperfections. “Embracing our pain will allow us to stop pretending to be okay and allow the real issues to be dealt with,” she says. “And it is through God’s love and mercy that this is made possible. In his hands, we become more valuable and beautiful.”

But what causes us to be broken? The actress says it could be about different reasons. “It could be the death of a loved one, loss of something that is valuable to us, rejections, failures, or thoughtless comments of others,” she says. 

But in going through hard times, Jodi says one must never lose hope and faith. She pointed out the importance of reaching out to others for emotional support. “Your life isn’t too messed up to be put back together,” she says. “The beauty in brokenness is that it prompts us to be humble and acknowledge our condition. ”