In photos: Doug Kramer dedicates fatherhood post to his beautiful firstborn Kendra

Published October 28, 2020, 2:00 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Grandparents, and even the older generation of parents, will always tell the younger set of parents that time will just fly by, so savor every moment of being with your children while you still can. Father-of-three Doug Kramer feels the same way, and he shared his sentiments on his Instagram account about their eldest daughter Kendra who is now 11 years old. “Reality is like a blink of an eye, they’re grown up,” he starts with a crying emoji.

“One day, they’re sleeping on your tummy with their pacifier. They will ask you to carry them on your shoulders, then they will ask you to make funny faces and make jokes that will make you cry from laughter,” he continues.

“The journey of fatherhood is so special because I choose to embrace it. To be there for every special moment when they grow up. To guide them, to influence them, and to discipline them,” says Doug. But fatherhood doesn’t end here, he strives to show his children how a man should be like, including that of a father who loves his wife unconditionally. The couple continues to fill their love tanks so that their children will be happy and content at home—no need to look for love outside and “in the wrong places.” 

He ends the post with, “Their validation will start at home. Children are a blessing from God. Family is a blessing from God. That is why we’re thankful every day to see our kids grow up beautifully. Everything else is just a bonus. God’s grace abounds every single day.”