7 online distance learning tips to make sure your children have a good school year

Published October 28, 2020, 3:03 PM

by Paola Navarette

Online distance learning is really an uncharted territory, but what parents do now to guide their children will help the kids be better in the long run. The key is to focus on fostering the skills that can help kids complete their work faster, concentrate longer, and remember more of what they are learning.

They will be needing all the tools to stay smart and productive from a shop like SM Stationery and Gadgets Hub. Both offer a wide selection of school stuff that will help kids master distance learning. These include traditional school supplies like writing pads and other paper products to whiteboard and clear file for worksheets—from pens and pencils to markers and highlighters.

And as kids navigate their online classes, technology tools will keep them updated with laptops, flash drives, bluetooth headsets, and inkjet printers.

How to make the most out of making your home a classroom? Here are a few tips.

1. Set a schedule for your study time with your kid. Let your child set the time for each subject that you want to work on, hour by hour, day by day, week per week.

2. Choose a quiet and well-lit area where your kids can focus on their lessons.

3. Stock up on homeschool supplies. Have enough pencils, erasers, activity books, notebooks, pad paper, and other school supplies you need. Prepare the gadgets they need and sanitize them before starting the class.

4. Encourage your child to read and write freely. Make them read their favorite books whenever they are bored or have them keep a daily journal which helps them to deal with their fears and anxieties.

5. Allot time to encourage your child’s creativity through drawing, craft-making, or other extracurricular activities such as cooking or gardening that will nurture their skills.

6. Keep your child in touch with their friends virtually from a regular basis. This may be done after they completed their school worksheet.

7. A homeschool environment will be new for you and your child. It’s going to be challenging, so it’s okay to ask help from your child’s teacher, tutors or fellow parents who are into homeschooling.