Jodi Sta. Maria pushes healthy lifestyle through wellness project

Award-winning actress-turned-entrepreneur Jodi Sta. Maria has launched a wellness company that offers business solutions to those who aim to jumpstart their businesses.

Sta. Maria, who currently stars in the Kapamilya teleserye "Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin," has joined forces with businessmen Nino Bautista and Red Gatus in the project.

Dubbed HealthyFix Store, the power trio’s dealership company is driven by the intention to help consumers attain sustainable living through health, beauty and wellness products. Building on this intention is a business partner platform designed to sustainably transform people’s lives and give freedom and independence in terms of income, health, beauty or life in general. 

Jodi Sta. Maria

“As a pharmacist, who is more focused on the industrial side, researching, formulating products, it has always been my passion to develop products that help in preventing diseases, products that can help people feel good about themselves. It is something that I always enjoy doing.  And as an entrepreneur for almost 15 years, I’ve never done something that is more community level, something that is more collaborative, and today more than ever, with the situation that we are facing right now, we all need each other, we need to lift each other, both in achieving a healthier life and upgrading everyone's financial capability and that’s the core of healthy fix, the main goal, to help everyone. It’s about making a difference, Inspiring People” said Bautista.

Sta. Maria said: “Its about giving back, extending a helping hand to those who want to not only live a healthy lifestyle but at the same time jumpstart their business. We are grateful to be given this opportunity to help and with the rising economic problems, We aim to provide assistance to our HealthyFix Kapartner who are financially challenged, looking for another source of income. We’re here to offer an opportunity to grow a business that will give health and financial freedom. Now, more than ever, we have to unite and help each other so we can live beyond the extraordinary with transformative health and beauty innovations.”

Gatus added: “Never give up. It's always okay to start small - never surrender! Everything needs to start from scratch, for there is no overnight success. Of course it will always be up to you, your hard work, your perseverance, that’s the key to becoming successful.  Always look forward and believe that you can go big."