‘Quinta’ plunges entire Talim Island in the dark

Published October 26, 2020, 4:44 PM

by Nel Andrade

Typhoon “Quinta” (international name: Molave) cut off electricity in the entire Talim Island affecting residents of 24 villages that are part of Cardona and Binangonan municipalities.

Loel Malonzo, head of the Rizal Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office told Manila Bulletin that 17 villages in Binangonan and seven villages in Cardona, all located in Talim Island had no electricity since Monday morning.

Talim island is being serviced by the Manila Electric Company.

During bad weather, residents in the island reportedly endure hours of no electricity.

Three barangays in Cardona (mainland) also experienced power interruption since the height of the battering of Typhoon Quinta after midnight Monday.

Malonzo said at least a family of five in Barangay Subay in Cardona were evacuated to safety due to the bad weather.

Aside from power loss, the typhoon also affected internet and mobile phone signals in most parts of the province.

Water level in Laguna Lake rose by more than 12 meters alerting rescuers in lakeshore communities to possible flooding in many villages.

The operation of passenger boats to and from the island were suspended as soon as storm signal is raised.

A water spout on the lake was captured on video by a netizen from Binangonan Sunday afternoon hours after the weather bureau raised the storm signal in the province.