These artworks will encourage you to ‘buy lokal’

Published October 23, 2020, 8:30 AM

by John Legaspi

Bayanihan nowadays goes beyond that iconic image of Filipinos carrying a bahay kubo. This pandemic has challenged every Filipino not just to dodge the virus, but to also show compassion to everyone. And as many Filipino entrepreneurs are trying to keep their business afloat, we can say that today, bayanihan comes in a new form and that is buying lokal

Taking that as inspiration, beverage brand Locally Blended Juice Drink banded with Filipino artists to produce art that celebrates the small players of local enterprises, from the humble farmers to self-made entrepreneurs.

“Filipinos are known for their resilience and creativity—and what better way to bring these two together than through art,” said Gretchen King, category manager for beverage at Locally. “We are truly amazed with the entries submitted to us. Each work of art is a showcase of talent, passion, and love for all things local!” 

Through the #LivinLovinLocal Art Contest, Filipino artists created digital and traditional art to honor the country’s economic backbones. Check out the winning artists and the stories behind their works.

THIRD PLACE: Dyanna Mae Cañas

Dyanna’s piece is a diorama that presents Filipino farmers as unsung frontliners.

“Our local farmers are frontliners, too,” Dyanna says. “Despite the pandemic scare, they manage to grow crops… they continue to feed the whole nation no matter what.”

SECOND PLACE: Grace Maligalig

A miniature boodle fight scene is featured in Grace’s artwork. She sculpted air-dry clay into some of her favorite Filipino dishes such as lechon, lumpia, puto, and inihaw.

“The excitement, the aroma of the food and everyone’s laughter were present in this Filipino way of eating,” Grace says. “Who wouldn’t want a boodle fight?”

GRAND WINNER: Althea Monique

Althea’s work is a paper cut artwork depicting Filipinos supporting local shops and goods, which she did in Powerpoint.

“Let’s support our local shops by simply buying their clothing, accessories, food, or even liking and sharing their page,” says Althea. “We can support local artists like me by liking our works.”

Locally will be hosting more Localove amazing art activities, as well as another round of the contest—so stay tuned!