Cloud Solutions to Help Businesses Survive, Thrive Amid Pandemic

Published October 21, 2020, 1:30 PM

by Jonathan Castillo

The need for businesses to adopt cloud-based solutions in the new normal has become more pronounced, as the new normal forces businesses of almost all sizes to go digital to reduce the impact of the pandemic.

Due to the national health situation, businesses across all industries have had to accelerate their digital transformation strategies. To do this at a massive scale and at a lower cost, businesses must implement their digital transformation initiatives via the cloud. 

Diwa Del Mundo, Co-founder and Chief Principal Architect of multicloud digital innovations leader Apper Digital Inc (Apper), said digital transformation strategies are best implemented using cloud platforms, as they provide businesses with flexibility in costs, agility to scale quickly, greater security, and better overall performance. 

“Businesses must really pivot to the digital arena, as it is a critical moment due to the current global crisis. Today, digital transactions continue to grow at a rapid pace, as everyone adapts into the new normal. Cloud platforms provide businesses with greater agility, and access to cutting edge technology, which are two aspects required to pivot into the digital realm,” Del Mundo said. 

The cloud, he explained, is essential to fast track the adoption of cutting-edge technology, but could be quite cumbersome for many due to its complexity, the required technical skills, and the need for well-equipped manpower. 

Letting businesses focus on what they do best 

Engage, Apper’s brand focused on cloud consulting, allows businesses to tap into Apper’s expertise on the cloud to cut the learning curve in their decision-making, which allows them to focus more on their operations, and innovate seamlessly.

Through Engage, businesses may migrate to the cloud without worrying about cloud architecture and implementation. Currently, Apper has the most number of comprehensive cloud certifications in the country at 24 from its partners: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. 

“Our team of digital natives are ready to support the needs of our partners. We want to help businesses leverage the cloud to ensure business continuity and continuous growth amid the national health crisis,” Del Mundo said.

Scaling even during the pandemic

For instance,, a lifestyle e-commerce platform that caters mainly to Filipinas, partnered with Apper to help it further develop and scale its operations during the pandemic. 

By tapping Apper, BeautyMnl was able to implement AWS services that allowed the automation of software releases, which reduced the deployment time by 75-percent.  

Apper also empowered BeautyMnl to reduce provisioning time for its application environments by 168x from one week to one hour through the implementation of end-to-end cloud infrastructure, resulting in improved enhancement delivery speed and better software. 

“We at BeautyMnl want our customers to feel their most beautiful everyday even during the pandemic. Taking care of oneself is essential to help many people cope with the situation. By partnering with Apper, we were able to improve our technology’s agility and scale our business faster to accommodate the demand for our products and services,” Dinah Maghuyop, Founding Team Member and Lead Developer of BeautyMnl.

For his part, Apper Co-founder and Director of Marketing, Patrick Zulueta said with Apper’s expertise on the cloud, businesses have the ability to expand without spending too much on capital. 

“Our goal is to bridge the knowledge gap for digital innovations. We at Apper provide businesses with various cloud-based solutions to allow businesses to focus on their core operations, while we take care of their cloud and technology requirements,” Zulueta said. 

“The digital age is here and now, and it is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. Through the cloud, businesses can reach more customers beyond their domain and provide them with services at a faster, much more efficient way,” he added. 

Assisting in 5G adoption 

Apper has also been tapped by telco giant Globe and technology firm Yondu for innovation and cutting edge technology. 

Apper has helped Globe accelerate the adoption of 5G, including cloud gaming last month. Through its partnership with Apper, Globe was able to test the possibility of enabling gamers to play graphics-heavy games without needing a console or a high powered computing gadget by marrying cloud technology and 5G low latency and ultra fast speed.

“Through partnerships like this, Apper is paving the way for businesses to adapt into the new normal. We believe that it is high time for businesses in the Philippines to implement digital transformation strategies that are powered by the cloud,” Del Mundo said.