Brave Scarlet Snow says goodbye to her yaya

Published October 19, 2020, 2:03 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Guess what she gave and who cried at the end of the video? 

Good nannies are hard to find, and when we do find one, we try to show them how much we appreciate them for taking care of our children. They are like family to us, but it’s always bittersweet when the time comes that they have to go back to their families. 

Take for instance the Belo family with mom Vicki Belo posted on her IGTV over the weekend a heartwarming video of Scarlet giving her Yaya Anita a card she made herself. Scarlet recited it out loud, “Dear Yaya, I love you. I hope you will come back here.” Yaya immediately hugged her but the card fell, so she picked it up again and showed her the illustrations she made. 

They kept hugging for a good minute or so, with Anita crying and hugging her tight. Scarlet eventually started crying, taking her yaya’s hand and covering her own eyes. Vicki added in her post that Scarlet has been trying to be brave but she’s been crying all day.

On the same day, Scarlet also posted in her Instagram account, “Today is a sad and happy day. It’s sad because my Yaya @athena1974 is going home to her province, but I’m happy for her because she will see her daughter again after being away for so long. I cried and cried this morning when she was leaving. I hope their internet in the province will be fast so we can keep in touch. I will miss you so much, Yaya. Thank you for loving me and taking care of me and teaching me good values. I will never look for another Yaya. Please also keep your promise that you won’t be a Yaya to someone else, ok! We will be praying with you all the time.”