Sanofi Supports ICC AOKPass to Support Filipinos

Published October 17, 2020, 2:00 PM

by Jonathan Castillo

Global Healthcare Organization Sanofi seeks to complement government efforts in COVID-19 management by supporting ICC AOKPass, a health monitoring app, in the Philippines. The app will allow Filipino businesses to safely and quickly resume commercial activity while the country continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The public wants access to a well-developed, trustworthy vaccine, and Sanofi chose to engage in this partnership because this tool answers these concerns,” said Sanofi Philippines Country Manager Dr. Jean-Antoine Zinsou. “The potential of this application is huge for checking the vaccine compliance of all Filipinos even beyond this pandemic,” he added.

To aid in the return to regular travel, business, and school, ICC AOKpass has launched a pilot by creating a digitally verified and tamper-proof influenza vaccination record for a group of frontline healthcare providers in a well-reputed hospital in Manila. Once fully deployed, users can download the ICC AOKpass app to their mobile device and use it to securely store an authenticated digital copy of their COVID-19 compliance status certificate, as provided by their consulting medical professional. 

Dr. Chester Drum, co-founder of ICC AOKpass explained: “Our blockchain technology protects the privacy of the user. Most importantly, it cannot be counterfeited. We want to provide the highest-level technology to everyone working in the Philippines.”  ICC AOKpass is designed to be strictly controlled by individuals but easily accessible when verification of COVID-19 compliance status is needed. 

The AOKpass is a collaboration between Singapore-based tech startup Perlin, the International Chamber of Commerce, SGS, and International SOS, the world’s largest medical and security services firm. At all times, users maintain full control over their medical information, which is stored securely and privately only on their device. 

“We want to ensure the environment in the country will be ready for the COVID vaccine once it arrives,” shared Andrew Candelet, the General Manager of International SOS Philippines. “We hope to facilitate a safe way for businesses to return to work, an efficient way for students and teachers to return to school, and a convenient way to return to regular travel across borders for all Filipinos,” he concluded.