Cat killers begin 144-hour community service, clean feces in animal shelter

Published October 17, 2020, 6:23 PM

by Ellalyn De Vera-Ruiz

Aside from serving six months in jail, four individuals who were found guilty for killing a cat in Pasay City in 2017 will also be doing 144 hours of community service.

Their task is to shovel and empty compost pits, containing feces of 227 cats and 74 dogs at the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) animal shelter in Quezon City.

The four individuals “will work under close supervision of our staff,” according to PAWS shelter manager Mitzi Cruz in a social media post, adding that “they all seem bent on finishing their community service work at PAWS.”

The four were sentenced to six months and one day in jail in 2018 for clubbing a stray cat to death the previous year.

The act of animal cruelty was caught on video and caused an uproar among animal welfare advocates. 

PAWS reiterated that animal cruelty and pet neglect are criminal offenses. Animal cruelty is a crime punishable by imprisonment and/or a fine of up to P100,000. 

The animal welfare group urged the public to “intervene” if they encounter animal cruelty or pet neglect to prevent from further endangering them.

If one encounters pet neglect, it recommended trying the friendly approach and educating the pet owner on responsible pet ownership. 

If nothing changes and the behavior continues, “be prepared to present proof such as a series of photos or videos that consistently show a pattern of neglect, along with your detailed report.”

“These will be used with your witness affidavit when filing the case. This is the only time that PAWS or the authorities can confiscate the neglected pet,” it said.

If one witnesses animal cruelty, such as ‘dog katay’ (butcher) or selling and buying dogs for meat trade, or someone directly inflicting harm to an animal, PAWS advised it is important that intervention is done “immediately.”

“The animal is in imminent danger and you are their best chance of survival. Stop the offender right away and call 911 or the barangay,” it said as “posting on social media and tagging animal welfare groups is not the same as reporting to the authorities.”