Here’s your chance to win an artistic, eco-cultural tour of #Sugarlandia

Published October 16, 2020, 7:11 PM

by Jessica Pag-iwayan

Don Papa rum unveils #ExperienceSugarlandia online competition and the role of art in promoting local products

Rich with natural resources and fertile soil, the Philippines has an abundant variety of agricultural products. These, in turn, are used to produce delectable food, sustainable fashion items, and even some of the best alcoholic beverages.

One of the proudly Pinoy made products that is carving a name in the export industry is Don Papa rum. With roots in the country’s very own #Sugarlandia—Negros Island—Don Papa has been actively promoting its products around the world. The brand has also been educating patrons on its origin by featuring local artworks.

Don Papa rum

#ExperienceSugarlandia online competition

Every year, the brand holds the Don Papa Art Competition to encourage Filipino artists to showcase their creativity by designing artsy packaging for the rum. And now, to give every Pinoy (provided they’re of legal age, of course) a chance to taste the sweetness of Negros Island and Don Papa Rum, the brand is hosting its first online #ExperienceSugarlandia competition.

From those who post photos of bottles of Don Papa aged seven years and Don Papa aged 10 years on Instagram, with the hashtags #ExperienceSugarlandia and #DonPapaRum, the company will choose three lucky winners who will each win a five-day eco-cultural trip for two to Negros. Winners can experience the heart of Sugarlandia by visiting iconic landmarks in the province such as Bago distillery, Punta Bulata, various sugarcane haciendas, the ancestral homes in Silay, and a lot more.  

#ExperienceSugarlandia Winners of the competition will be exposed to different iconic places in Negros such as Gaston Ancestral House, sugarcane field, and more

“Negros Island is important to the brand because it is where the rum is from. It is home,” Monica Llamas-Garcia, Don Papa communications director and co-founder, tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “And when one speaks of home, you introduce its rich history, you speak of the culture, and you describe the wonderful sights. We want to impart that experiencing Sugarlandia is a multi-dimensional experience. An experience that excites all the senses. It is also an experience that allows you to know your country a little bit deeper and leads you to appreciate all the natural beauty it has to offer.”

Art is a universal language

When asked about the important role of art in promoting the brand not just in the Philippines but across 30 countries around the globe where the rum is available, Monica says that art is a universal language that cuts across language barriers.

Mt. Kanlaon

“Don Papa rum is a very visual brand and it has a strong design aesthetic. We are available in 30 plus countries and these countries have different languages. Art is the visual language that allows us to cut across those language barriers,” she says. “Being in these countries, we also saw that we are in the unique position to promote Philippine art through our Don Papa Art Competition. The winning pieces from the past five competitions have all been developed into limited edition canisters that [were] then sold to every market that carries the brand. Philippine art featured on the canisters adds a dimension to the Don Papa universe that our consumers have grown to love and look out for.”

Sugarcane field

With the company’s deep appreciation for art, it’s no surprise that artistic visualization is one of the main criteria in choosing the winners for the #Sugarlandia contest. “With our collaborations with the art industry, we’ve kept an eye on images and styles that resonate with people and tell a story,” Monica continues. “For the #ExperienceSugarlandia contest, we’re looking at images that best encapsulate the spirit of Sugarlandia, while celebrating Don Papa rum.”