COVID-19 cases in Quezon City continue to decline

Published October 16, 2020, 11:58 AM

by Joseph Pedrajas

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases in Quezon City continue to decline for four straight weeks now, the local government said Thursday.

From September 13-19, the city’s new cases is at 321. It decreased to 192 from September 20-26, and further decreased to 184 from September 27-October 3.  From October 4 to 10, the cases were at 178.

The University of the Philippines’ OCTA Research also noted a significant decline in the city’s reproduction number, from .79 percent last September 26-October 2 to .71 from October 3-9.

This means, the city’s current reproduction number is lower than the National Capital Region’s .77 and the Philippines’ .87. 

“This continuous development for the past months shows us that our efforts are working well towards the goal of reducing and totally eradicating the virus,” Mayor Joy Belmonte said. 

Meanwhile, the city’s positivity rate, which is now at 9 percent, is getting closer to World Health Organization’s 5 percent target to indicate that the infection has been controlled.

“All indicators for Quezon City have improved. We are moving closer to our targets and we are positive that we will soon solve this pandemic in the city,” City Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit head Dr. Rolly Cruz said.