Celebrate culture and heritage by supporting Adivay

Published October 16, 2020, 7:01 PM

by Jessica Pag-iwayan

SM City Baguio empowers local artists and craftsmen through different programs and initiatives

Local artists and craftsmen across the country are among those who are badly hit by the pandemic. And to help them, SM City Baguio kicks off its “Adivay: Celebrating Culture & Heritage” program.

Adivay, an Ibaloi word for “coming together,” is an initiative that aims to empower local artisans through different programs such as bazars, art exhibits, and shows. For this, SM invites artists and artisans from different parts of the Northern regions for them to showcase and sell their works. The mall opens its atrium for free to artists and local businesses until Oct. 18.

Succs and Caccs present their displays of their colorful
and sturdy handwoven baskets made from abaca and

Support our local artists

Some of the artisans participating in the program are artists from Tam-awan Village, Ibagiw, and Everything is Pine. Visitors can buy various indigenous products such as Cordilleran-designed dream catchers, native headbands with beads from Kalinga, face masks, decorative pieces, jewelry, and a necklace called lingling-o, which symbolizes fertility.

There’s also Succs and Cacs, which sells baskets outsourced from families in Albay and are made in different colorful and creative designs. Each design is made by hand by a specific family, making each basket unique and vibrant. These are made from sturdy abaka and seagrass.  

If you’re into fashion, Inabel Ni Ina is a business made by a weaver named Cathy Ekid Domigyay from Can-eo, Bontoc. She promotes authentic woven textiles from a group of weavers from her hometown. Her stall has products that range from hats, face masks, bags, wallet, coin purses, and headbands. Another one to checkout are works by Patis Tesoro, featuring textiles with different designs inspired from a variety of cultures.

Pasakalye Art Exhibit

Aside from this, SM also put up the “Pasakalye Art Exhibit” located at the mall’s upper ground level. This exhibit features art pieces that celebrate Indigenous People’s culture and the heritage of the Cordilleras.

Pasakalye Art Exhibit

Artists featured in this show are Richard Domirez, Howard Domirez, Roland Bay-an, Joseph Domirez, Salvador Cabrera, Camilo Santiago, Jeff Domirez, Oliver Abuan, Jherwin Libatique, Bein Villaluna, Mario Calub,  Willie Teves, Sonia Oyam, Angelica Rosalin, Alex Pastrana Musni, Ryan Doyaon, and Nicole Joy Paleg. These Pasakalye artists are from Cordillera and surrounding regions.

Every artwork in this show is up for purchase and can be bought directly through the artist. “Pasakalye Art Exhibit” will run until Nov. 3. 

But wait there’s more! To empower the performance art sector, particularly the music local industry, Cordillera musicians are also welcome to hold busking sessions at the Sky Terrace and at the Upper Ground Sunset Terrace area from morning to afternoon. According to SM City Baguio, this program will run during the weekend of Oct. 17 and 18.

Along with the free rent of the mall areas for the events, SM said that 100 percent of the proceeds and sales are for the artists and artisans to keep.