Here’s how you can get that café experience at home

Published October 15, 2020, 4:23 PM

by MB Lifestyle

Coffee Project goes digital with YouTube, Spotify, and Pinterest

Beyond having their favorite food and drinks delivered from Coffee Project, its patrons can now immerse themselves in the full Coffee Project experience at home. One of the most Instagrammable cafes, the coffee shop can now let customers soak in their signature vibe and aesthetic by listening to its Spotify playlists, subscribing to its YouTube channel, and getting great phone wallpapers and Zoom backgrounds from Pinterest.

Get that coffee music fix 

The perfect ambience can easily be achieved through the cafe’s collection of various playlists that is sure to fit any mood or activity. While working and studying from home can give all the ease, getting some work done can be challenging at times. To recreate that conducive environment and ensure productivity, Coffee Project fans can listen to playlists like Work From Home and Cafe Study Session. For those who simply miss going to the shop for a pick-me-up treat, the Feel Good playlist is made to ensure that their spirits remain high even when working or studying from home. For a chill vibe, Coffee and Chill, Relax and Unwind, and Acoustic Cafe playlists are the very definition of eargasm.

Check out Coffee Project’s playlist Library on Spotify

Go for the perfect background

Coffee Project’s signature garden-themed interior, characterized by an abundance of flowers, mood lights, and cozy sofas, is undeniably one of the things that the patrons miss. The brand comes out with virtual meeting backgrounds that will make them feel as if they are still inside the beautiful cafe. Besides the interior backgrounds, they also have animated backgrounds that help project a lighter and happier vibe during those long virtual meetings.

The virtual meeting backgrounds can also be used as desktop wallpapers. Coffee Project has vertical designs that people can use as a home or lock screen for their phones. Some of the wallpaper designs have motivational messages integrated into them to keep users inspired.

All of these creative wallpapers are available in Coffee Project’s Pinterest account.

Be immersed in a virtual Coffee Project experience 

Given the ongoing community quarantine, a lot of people who were staying safely at home have come to discover new skills and hobbies stirred from watching various video tutorials on content sharing platforms like YouTube. This inspired Coffee Project to launch its own channel which allows them to share informative, inspirational, and entertaining content with its customers. Videos on how people can unleash their inner barista, mix their own caffeinated drinks, and other coffee-related content are available on its YouTube Channel. 

Upon browsing the videos uploaded on its channel, one might be surprised to find that Coffee Project even has a video for indoor gardening and other videos. Its most recent addition is a unique and interesting animated miniseries featuring Issa and Tim. Patrons of the beloved coffee shop who are still unable to visit their favorite branch can just live vicariously through Issa and Tim while enjoying their preferred Coffee Project brews at home. 

These videos, and much more, are available for viewing through Coffee Project’s official YouTube channel.