Three household tips from Vice President Robredo that you can apply at home (Spoiler: she is also a plantita!)

Published October 13, 2020, 10:54 AM

by Vina Medenilla

In time of COVID-19 where most of our lives are spent indoors, we get to do the things that we have been wanting to do for so long or the things we haven’t even thought of doing before. 

“Since it’s a Saturday, sharing with you some household tips which work for us.” This is what Vice President Leni Robredo wrote on a Facebook post where she listed three useful tips that may be new (or not) for you, but who knows, it might work for your household, too. 

Organizing groceries

Knowing and putting your groceries into its place will help you remember the available stuff you have in your pantry and refrigerator. This way, you won’t forget the goods you have at home thus, will prevent you from overbuying, says Robredo. 

Putting labels in every storage

Not only the groceries, but arranging the shelves would save you from the hassle. In Robredo’s case, “Yung mga shelves namin ay may assigned numbers. Yung lahat na laman, naka-encode sa Google Drive na shared naming mag-iina, para kung biglaan na may mapadaan sa amin sa grocery, pwede ma-access sa telepono namin kung anong kailangan sa bahay.” (Our shelves are labeled with numbers. Everything that’s stored in every shelf is encoded in Google Drive, which is shared among our family. So if we suddenly pass by the grocery, we have easy access to the information in our phones where we’ll immediately know what we lack at home.)

Through their database and the labels adhered to their shelves, cabinets, and containers, they’ll easily locate things without having to check every compartment at home, too. 

Planting vegetables

For plantitas or anyone who cooks at home, Robredo says that it’s great to grow the ingredients needed for their cooking. She emphasized that you don’t have to get huge space for this, “Nakatira kami sa condo at lahat na tanim ko ay nasa pots lang. At nasa labas lang sila ng bintana ng aming kusina.” (We live in a condo and all of my plants are in pots only. And they’re all placed in a window outside our kitchen.) 

Robredo grows dill, calamansi, tomato, and chili pepper in pots. She adds that you can save so much from practicing this because you won’t have to buy herbs and other veggies that you will need in the kitchen. 

Dahil Sabado, sharing with you some household tips which work for us. 1. Mas nakakatipid sa groceries pag mas…

Posted by Leni Gerona Robredo on Friday, October 9, 2020

Most importantly, let’s not forget to stay safe and sound even at home.

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