Ticket2Me’s BL series explores challenges of falling in love during the lockdown

Published October 11, 2020, 2:11 PM

by Angie Chui

Ticket2Net is tapping into the BL craze with its upcoming release entitled “Boys’ Lockdown” a love story involving two key characters who navigate through the challenges of the pandemic quarantine.

Newcomers Ali King and Alec Kevin play the roles of Key Calungsod and Chen Chavez which goes by the ship name #KeyChen. They will lead a cast of colourful characters who will deal with different issues about relationships in the six part web series to be streamed on both Ticket2Net’s VOD app and its official YouTube channel starting October 15 (Ticket2Net) and October 18 (YouTube).

The two young actors may have bonded on the set of the series, but they took very different journeys to be cast in the project.

Alec Kevin

Alec, who took on the lead role for a short film shown in the Cinemalaya Film Festival in 2016, saw the casting call on Facebook and auditioned for the role. Ali was approached directly for the part.

According to the two actors, because this was their first time to appear on a major project, they were very thankful to the producers for having them undergo acting workshops and providing them with character briefs so that they could deliver on their roles better.

They also expressed gratefulness that the production team ensured their health and safety throughout the shoot by adhering to the protocols set by government agencies amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working together with industry veterans and professionals, they said, was one of the major perks of the project. They added that they were lucky to be cast in the series with a great story and a team that worked toward a single vision.

“We really want to tell a love story between Key and Chen, how they overcome the pandemic and how they find love in the middle of the pandemic. But aside from the story of Key and Chen, we really want people to be invested din sa ibang characters sa series. We are proud of KeyChen but at the same time nakikita mo yung struggles nung key characters and how they overcome it as the season progresses,” Ali said.

“What makes our show different is the fact that we don’t really have an antagonist. Its more of our main antagonist is the pandemic itself,” Alec said.

Ali King

The stars added that one of the show’s main draws would be its relatability, since they went through the same experiences as their characters during the height of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

The first season of “Boys’ Lockdown” will premiere exclusively through Ticket2Me’s app for P50 per episode three days before it is released on YouTube. Each episode runs for roughly 25 minutes.