Rediscover the Fun in Learning from Home this School Year

With distance learning already rolled out in various schools and educational institutions in the country, to say that parents and students have to undergo major adjustments seem to be an understatement. But more than anything, embracing this facet of the new normal has become
another avenue for moms and children to enjoy fun and valuable time while learning at home.
From struggling to wake up early to avoiding distractions while class is on and all the adorable moments in between, here are some stories shared by real moms about the fulfilling wonders of homeschooling with their kids.

“I feel like I’ve also become a student myself.” - Karina Ramos,

Teachers are learners, too. This is something that blogger Karina Ramos, a mom of two wonderful kids Khalil and Katrina, realized while she and her children learn together at home. She admits that she joins her children’s online classes to familiarize herself as well on lessons and topics so that they can all review them afterward.
“I make time to be always beside them during their classes. My youngest, Khalil, loves it when I’m there with him since he doesn’t feel that he’s alone, and it also helps in keeping him attentive,” Karina shares.
Apart from online classes, she mentions that another way for her kids to stir their creativity is through creating videos that they enjoy doing together.
“I am surprised that my kids have learned how to make short videos and post them on TikTok. I guide them, of course, and I oftentimes join them in videos. As a mom, I am happy that my children and I are discovering these exciting stuff on the Internet at the same time,” she adds.

“I realized that at a young age, my child already has self-discipline.” Jaimie Felix,

Besides the academic learnings, homeschooling also helps in nurturing the soft skills of kids. Blogger mom Jaimie Felix shares that a proud discovery she had about her daughter Tammy during this period of online classes is her dedication and discipline.
“I learned that she is really dedicated and I have observed that she’s really focused. She also shared to me that she sees to it that she is logged in 15-20 minutes ahead of her class schedule,” Jaime says.
She adds that in simple ways, she’s also teaching her kid the principle of being ‘madiskarte.’ “We have a routine based on a responsibility chart with subjects and activities written in a notebook. I also let Tammy be creative in her own way. I just give her certain instructions and I let her do tasks on her own,” Jamie mentions.

“My children have become independent. My son actually is the one doing tech support for his siblings’ online classes.” - Jane Kingsu Cheng, Manila Bulletin

With the Internet and all the available innovation which help children learn, most kids have become tech-savvy even at a young age -- this is true for the household of Jane Kingsu Cheng, who shares that her 11-year-old-son has since been doing the role of their family’s tech support. She adds that online classes have also taught her kids to help each other more.
“I have three kids, ages 11, 8, and 5. I am proud to share that all three of my children know how to go online by themselves and prepare for class. They are independent and responsible. Despite a different kind of schooling this year, all three of them have been helping each other, most especially my eldest son who assists me in tech support,” Jane says.
Asked about a piece of advice she can impart to parents amid the changes brought by these challenging times, she notes that it’s important to discuss goals with your children.
“Come up with a list of goals that you want to achieve for them by the end of the year. List them down, discuss with them, and hang these goals by the walls in their room or their study room where they can see them. This also helps in remembering your goals as a family.”

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