Moira dela Torre telling stories through music

Published October 2, 2020, 9:53 AM

by Robert Requintina

As Coke Studio evolves this year, it continues its mission to bring people together through music. In this time of uncertainty, music is one of the things we can constantly count on. While we continue coping day after day, Coke Studio reminds us that music is with us every single day.

“I want to be their friend through my songs,” says Moira. Expressing her desire to help people through her music, Moira shared her excitement over being part of this year’s Coke Studio again.

Singing “Kita Na Kita,” which she wrote as the alternative ending to Tagpuan, Moira highlights her strength as a storyteller. “I know that more than a singer, I’m a storyteller,” she admits.

Given the situation we are in now, it’s important to acknowledge that people are going through things differently. Being apart from her mom for 7 months now, Moira gave a piece of reminder that not a lot of people have the luxury to be with their families.

Many people are feeling alone right now. Thankfully, they can trust music, any genre of music, to keep them company. Asked about how listening to hugot songs can make people feel good, Moira said, “Sometimes people just need to feel heard and seen, and that makes them feel loved. It doesn’t make them feel invisible. Hugot songs have a way of doing that.”

To make her fans feel even more good, Moira teased that she has an upcoming book that contains the stories behind her songs and the lessons she learned along the way. Whether it’s through her songs or her upcoming book, Moira wants to be another source of strength to people. “I can’t tell people what their feelings are, but I can empower them and remind them that they can do it.”

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