BI bans 2 aliens from re-entry to PH

Published October 2, 2020, 2:22 PM

by Jun Ramirez

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has banned from entering the country two Australians for working in the country without the required permits and visa.


BI Commissioner Jaime Morente ordered the inclusion of Nashat Satar, 50, and Joseph Benjamine Goodacre, 36, in the Immigration blacklist upon recommendation of the bureau’s legal division.

The Australians were blacklisted after it was established that both of them are currently abroad, thus they can no longer re-enter the country.

“This should again serve as a warning to other foreigners who are illegally working here. They must secure the appropriate permit and visa before engaging in gainful employment,” Morente said.

According to lawyer Arvin Santos, BI legal division chief, Satar and Goodacre are employed as senior management executives of two Cebu City-based companies engaged in the real estate and construction businesses.

Santos said the activities of the two Australians were reported to the BI by disgruntled Filipino workers employed in the said companies.

The complainants also said Satar and Goodacre continued to ignore the repeated advice of the company’s Filipino executives for them to apply for the appropriate work permit and visa.

Investigation revealed that despite the duo’s failure to apply for work permitsl and visa, they continued to exercise control and supervision over the companies’ business operations.