GOSSIP GIRL: Cara Eriguel names top 5 beaches she wants to revisit

Published September 30, 2020, 3:50 PM

by Giselle Sanchez

Starting tomorrow, Oct. 1, we can all start smelling and dipping in the beach to wash away our pandemic anxieties.

The Department of Tourism has announced that Boracay will accept tourists beginning Oct. 1.

Batangas and Zambales, the surf city, will also be under MECQ which means swimming in beaches is already allowed.

I had a chance to host an online event with television host Cara Eriguel last weekend and she rated five beaches she would like to revisit after GCQ.

Top 5 – Batangas

“Batangas has so many beaches, my favorite is a beach in Nasugbu where there is a sandbar and you can just drink there.”

Top 4 – Pagupod Ilocos Norte

“My family hails from Ilocos Norte so we would just go to the public beaches in Pagudpod where the sands are pristine white. Every weekend, our family hits the beach so I have beautiful memories in Pagudpod.”

Top 3 – Siargao

“Naked island in Siargao is my best destination if I were to go back to Siargao. Fine white sand and cool clear waters is how I describe Naked Island. I stayed in Harana because of its community of foreigners and backpackers, Harana community room.”

Top 2 – Boracay

“Shangrila Boracay is my dream destination but I love going to White House Boracay because of their parties.”

Top 1 is Dahikan Beach in Mati, Davao Oriental where she will have her wedding this coming December with Paolo Rabat who hails from the same town.

“The sand and vibe is like Boracay without the crowd and water is so clear and beautiful.”

Cara cannot wait to tie the knot and have a baby immediately.

“I am 30 and I feel time is running out for me.”

Her latest podcast in Spotify (which you should check out) clearly shows her desire to have a baby soon as she features an Ob-Gyne who advises women in their 30s on how to prepare their body, mind and heart to have a baby.