San Juan plans to add more bike, motorcycle lanes

The San Juan City government is planning to add more dedicated lanes for bicycles and motorcycles to ensure the safety of riders, Mayor Francis Zamora said Sunday.


The mayor inspected the modified bike and motorcycle lanes along the portion of Ortigas Avenue on Sunday morning.

“We are currently studying which streets can also accommodate the bike lanes. We will take into consideration the width of the street and the flow of traffic, as well as the safety of riders,” he said.

The San Juan City government created special lanes for motorcycles and bicycles last week along the portion of Ortigas Avenue.

“The first two lanes are dedicated for cars. The third lane, the left side from the bollards, is for motorcycles, and the right side is for bicycles and scooters,” Zamora said.

The mayor said the lanes will protect cyclist and motorcycle riders from larger and fast moving vehicles.

Onboard his bike and escorted by the San Juan Police, Zamora personally inspected the special lanes Sunday morning, live-streamed on his official Facebook page.

Zamora likewise inspected the deployment of police bike patrollers enforcing safety and health measures of the local government in front of Agora Market on N. Domingo Street.

San Juan’s police bike patrollers are equipped with body cameras issued by the local government to ensure that violations are documented and recorded on video.

“When we use body cameras, there is a video, there are photos. If a violation was committed, there is footage that can be used if someone contests his violation,” Zamora said.