Catriona Gray encourages everyone to save lives by donating blood

Published September 20, 2020, 12:52 PM

by Robert Requintina

Former Miss Universe and Philippine Red Cross Ambassador Catriona Gray has encouraged everyone to do a meaningful act of saving lives by donating blood. 

“Be a Hero. Donate Blood. During my visit to the Philippine Red Cross headquarters, I did a simple yet meaningful act of saving lives – donating blood!” said Gray as she posted photos of her visit to PRC on Instagram.

“Donating your blood to someone in need may just be one of the easiest ways to save a life. Because of people’s hesitancy to visit blood banks during the pandemic, our supplies are worryingly low. Won’t you join me in donating?;

“The global pandemic may have restricted us from doing our normal routine but it should never hinder our passion to help and be compassionate towards our most vulnerable. ❤;

“For those who are interested to donate blood (firstly – thank you!! ?), you can get in touch with the @philredcross PRC Blood Center thru these numbers: 87902384 Local 154 or 09178348276. For inquiries about COVID19 testing, you may 1) simply call 1158; 2) go to; 3) visit the website at and checkout the help center icon at the bottom right corner of the page; or connect with your local Red Cross chapter.”