400,000 quarantine protocol violators nabbed

The number of people accosted for quarantine protocol violations has reached more than 400,000 amid the continuous law enforcement actions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


Based on the JTF COVID Shield data, a total of 403,557 people were either warned, fined, and charged for violations of protocols that include not wearing face masks, not observing physical distancing, curfew violation, and violation of motorcycle-riding rules from March 17 to Sept. 18.

Luzon accounted for more than half of the accosted violators with 232,847 followed by Visayas with 89,737 and Mindanao with 80,973.

Forty percent of those who were accosted were warned while the rest were either fined or charged.

Aside from quarantine violators, the JTF COVID Shield also reported the arrest of 974 people for hoarding and profiteering of mostly medical supplies and other items being used for coronavirus protection.