FASHION PULIS: Uncalled for mistake

Published September 19, 2020, 9:16 AM

by Mike Lim

Anywhere in the world, one could find Filipino employees in the tourism industry. To lessen homesickness, they keep updated with news from the country and latest personalities in the entertainment industry. Sightings of Filipino celebrities always bring joy to overseas workers.

One of the highlights of a hotel staff was seeing Amiable Guy (AG) and Female Celebrity (FC) in their premises.

AG and FC are open with their relationship and do not mind being seen in public. As most of the hotel staff were Filipinos, AG and FC were given the best accommodations and services. Excitement was in the air when the two were welcomed. The staff prepared to impress the two. The room with the best view was given to them and the service was impeccable.

On the first day, everything was going well. Although the hotel had strict privacy policies, the Filipino staff would ask FC for selfies whenever the supervisor was not around. FC was game and played along. However, on the second day, all the Filipino staff were pulled out, which shocked them. Allegedly, FC said that she felt uncomfortable with the crew. The staff wondered how the mood changed quickly, as she declined further requests for photos.

Only a major reason could have changed FC’s attitude quickly. Apparently, FC thought she saw the ex-girlfriend of AG near where they were staying. Without telling AG, FC decided to shorten their stay and reasoned out that they have more places to see. As AG and FC were leaving, FC became anxious while at the lobby. AG was cool and pointed at a woman at the lobby as well. AG told FC that the said woman looked like his ex-girlfriend. FC realized that her change in disposition was baseless, as the said woman was the person she saw. FC thought AG’s former lover followed them, but she was just too paranoid and sadly, jeopardized the reputation of the Filipino staff.

“Usually when someone is angry, we hear their angry words. Instead, try hearing the unspoken: I am scared, I am frustrated, I am insecure, I am vulnerable, I feel threatened.” ― Charles F Glassman

Just an Illusion

Sometime ago, Mr. Cool (MC) met with Known Actor (KA) to learn from his wisdom and insights about the entertainment industry. MC was eager to talk to KA, who was years ahead in terms of experience and connections. Given that they have common friends, the rapport and subsequent friendship were easily established. KA gave acting tips and MC shared insights about fixing relationships. That was it.

Meanwhile, stories often have other versions regardless of the person who tells the narrative first. While a version is relayed, other people would have reactions and even their own versions. Unfortunately, no one can control how other people would react.

When MC was asked in private about how he deals with stories about him, he told his team not to bother and gave his usual non-reactive behavior. Mud and stones can be thrown at him, but MC would rather remain calm. Allegedly, MC said that stories were just illusions. After all, he said he’s the only one who knows himself best. However, MC felt disappointed at the way things are being presented and monetized. His concern was the effect on his family more than anything else.

MC further expressed that he understood that the pandemic had led people to seek means to earn, but he hoped such ways would not equate to using others. If one needed financial help, one could ask without being negative towards another.

“Dream delivers us to dream, and there is no end to illusion. Life is like a train of moods like a string of beads, and, as we pass through them, they prove to be many-colored lenses which paint the world their own hue. . . . ” − Ralph Waldo Emerson

True Friendship

The clichés in showbiz circles are about good friends being hard to find and personalities are merely hypocrites, waiting for the opportunity to crush even so-called friends. However, a young breed of entertainers seems to have moved beyond the clichés.

Sometime ago, two young celebrities found themselves in the midst of a misunderstanding that did not escape their fans. The gap between the two was projected even in their professional appearances. Before their relationship could be totally destroyed, Young Entertainer 1 (YE1) and Young Entertainer 2 (YE2) made amends and restored their friendship. Management was happy, of course.

YE1 and YE2 proved that real friendship can indeed be found even in showbiz. Their circle expanded and other celebrities have joined in. The best part is that all of them realized that depth of their friendship and the value of relationships.

When one of them had to deal with an issue, the circle of friends knew what to do. Instead of adding to the pressure, the friends protected each other and everyone kept quiet. No one posted anything that could lead to speculations. When a cover-up was needed, they did not hesitate. Personal issues, such as living together with a significant other or finding a new love, were never hinted at in any of the social media accounts of the friends. For them, each one’s secret should be protected until revelation time comes.

“Secrets could never be rushed. They had to come of their own accord, on their own schedule. That way, when they came, they offered themselves as a gift.” ― Donna Jo Napoli

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