The one trick ‘praning’ mom Coleen Garcia did to ‘cure’ her baby’s rashes

Published September 17, 2020, 7:05 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

A week has passed since Coleen gave birth to her baby boy Amari, and she’s been updating her fans on her Instagram stories—one of which was an alarming case of rashes. “He started to get rashes and of course, I got so praning (paranoid),” she says.

She showed a photo of him to their midwife, OB-Gyne, and pedia. All three reassured her that it was completely normal and that it would go away. 

But she felt sorry for her precious one, so she applied breast milk all over his face (except the eyes), “and then everything disappeared. Because this hack worked, she applied breast milk on Amari’s eye lids as well. 

Like any proud mom who discovered this hack, she showed in her next Instagram story how smooth his skin had become. She also posted another photo of Amari, sharing that she had been breastfeeding non-stop. “I just let him sleep on me until he wakes up to feed again because I can’t resist him,” she muses. Although she is trying to do other things while juggling motherhood at the same time, she ends up “just staring at him and touching him anyway. Every time I get a couple of minutes on my phone to check on messages, I end up looking at his photos.”