Nissan brings car shopping and ownership to the digital age

Published September 16, 2020, 3:44 PM

by Inigo Roces

The Nissan you know is daring to change for the better. And in this challenging time, that means pivoting the way it does business to adapt to the customers’ needs.

To signify this major change, Nissan is overhauling its logo. Eschewing the badge we know for thin, light,  illuminated outlines, the new Nissan wants to convey its evolution from a traditional vehicle manufacturer to a provider of mobility and services. The new, digital-friendly look reflects that change to highlight its electrification, driver assistance, and digital connectivity innovations.

A more interactive Nissan

It’s nothing like changing a social media profile pic. Changes will also be made to how Nissan interacts with its customers.

After all, travel and interaction with other people comes with its own set of risks these days. Well aware of this conundrum, Nissan wants to make sure it provides a safe experience for customers to continue their journey.

In light of the current situation, Nissan wants customers to feel at ease when deciding to purchase a new car. The full shopping experience can be had from the comfort of their own home, through Nissan’s new virtual showroom.

A new shopping experience

The fully-digital experience begins with the customer’s web browser. Now live in the recently updated Nissan Philippines website, customers only have to visit Nissan’s website and “Take a virtual showroom tour.” No installation needed. The virtual showroom is entirely web based.

Once begun, the customer can move around and interact with every vehicle in Nissan’s current line-up on display. This simulates the experience of being inside a physical Nissan dealership.

The new feature offers a 360-degree view of both the virtual space and each product. It also allows the customer to zoom in and out and navigate to every direction. This newly developed 360-degree view component is also the first for the brand to launch globally.

Each of the vehicles on display has a clickable ‘hotspots’ to instantly show more information about the car, and its key features. ‘Exterior hotspots’ lead to a carousel view of the main vehicle information and leads to the vehicle’s landing page. ‘Interior hotspots’ have been customized to lead to a 360-degree view inside the vehicle, additionally providing more digital hotspots to deliver information on car specifications.

Not quite taken with the vehicle color on display? Each vehicle has a colorizer option allowing customers to instantly see the same car in a different color and angle. Not content with just looking? Feel free to dive deep with product walk-around videos that show the highlights the benefits of Nissan Intelligent Mobility for vehicles with these features.

“Under a secure and safe ‘new normal,’ the virtual showroom is one innovative way for us to push possibilities so that customers can seamlessly experience the Nissan brand from a digital platform right until they drive our vehicles. The virtual showroom not only brings new kind of excitement in experiencing Nissan products for Filipinos, but also ensures that our customers remain safe during the pandemic,” said President and Managing Director for Nissan in the Philippines Atsushi Najima.

Safer ownership

Once they’ve decided, buyers of vehicles with Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology can rest easy knowing the vehicle’s features offer an extra pair of eyes to alert them of impending dangers, or in some cases, even act on them to ensure all of the passengers’ safety.

Nissan’s care for its customers continues even throughout the ownership experience. All the showroom’s after sales service facilities have been enhanced to meet the current safety protocols for both the customers’ and staff’s safety.

For added assurance, Nissan also offers its Service On Wheels: a more convenient way to receive  scheduled on-site after-sales services and repairs, such as house calls or service caravans.

“Nissan is dedicated to shaping an innovative, human-centric future for the Philippines. The launch of the first virtual showroom in the region for Nissan is a strong example that we consistently innovate to benefit the customer journey, especially in the face of challenges such as the pandemic,” concludes Najima.