The joy of grandparenting

Published September 11, 2020, 11:51 PM

by Denice Sy Munez

Life just gets better when you have grandchildren, here’s why

To celebrate Grandparents Day, I asked successful industry leaders about how much their lives have changed since becoming lolos and lolas, their perspective on the joy of that comes with their new roles, and what life lessons they would like to impart to their grandchildren. Being a grandparent truly brings about a different kind of joy and an entirely unique life experience altogether. And taking it from these powerful business figures, it’s a title that makes life so much better!

Dioceldo Sy
CEO of Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc.

My life changed so much since Baby Jake was born. I am more inspired every day, and I feel much younger! He brings so much joy to our home. He is so much fun to play with. It’s a different relationship for me as a grandpa, because it’s not my direct obligation to raise him, so I get to play with him then return him to his parents when I am tired or when he becomes naughty.
He is such a huge part of my daily routine now. I check up on him as soon as I wake up, visit his nursery before I leave for work to say goodbye, then spend time with him as soon as I get home —after taking a shower.
This pandemic makes me sad because I had envisioned taking him around. Unfortunately, he has spent the past six months indoors. Pre-Covid, he would report to our office two to three times a week, and socialize with our office staff. 
He’s growing up so fast. He’s a toddler now at 19 months old and likes to run around a lot and is full of positive energy. Though he doesn’t talk yet, he expresses his intentions clearly through hand gestures and cuddles.
I want to convey to him how blessed he is to be raised in a God-loving family and a safe shelter amid the worst crisis of this century. I am hoping this pandemic ends soon, so I can show my grandson the world and create new memories with him.

Francis Kong
Inspirational Speaker and Business Consultant
In business, we talk and plan about the future. But in my children and more so with my grandson Matteo, I already see the future and that makes me a lot more responsible in wanting to make and prepare a better future for them. Matteo also reinforces my belief that this child who would enter a very uncertain future should be founded in bible values and teachings at home. This is foundational for his ability to handle the future challenges and opportunities, and major shifts in perspective and priorities.
To say that a baby is a “bundle of joy “ is an understatement. Matteo has been living with me all throughout the lockdown. And every single moment he enters my room, it is like we have not seen him for years as everyone in the house would greet him with, “Oh, hi Matteo!” That joy is inexplicable. And when he laughs, the whole household laughs with him. This kind of joy cannot be restricted and limited with words but can only be felt.
To love God and to love others. That life does not owe him a living, he will have to develop an entire lifetime of study, learning, and development because success is not what he is going to have and success is not what he is going to do, but success is what he will attract because of the kind of person he has become. And he should be a godly person who is secured of not only a good life in this part of eternity but more so in the one beyond this one.

Willy Ocier
Chairman and Executive Director, Belle Corporation

Having grandchildren has given me a better perspective about success and quality of life. I like to spoil my grandchildren, and this gives me great joy! I hope when they grow old, they will appreciate that life is more beautiful when shared with family. And that they will practice respect for elders which is most important.

Melinda Sia
EVP, Emerald Garments Manufacturing Corp (the company behind RRJ, Stylistic Mr. Lee) 

Life with my granddaughter has been so rewarding. It is unbelievable to recognize how much closer you can get along with your family members as a new generation emerges. Before leaving for work, my husband and I will make sure we get the chance to go on a video call with our granddaughter. After work, we would dedicate time to visit and play with her. Despite these shifts in our everyday routine, we place no thought on the time sacrificed because seeing our granddaughter’s vibrant smile and contagious laughter is just so rewarding. The idea that your work life will become imbalanced once you become a grandparent is definitely a misconception. 
I would describe the joy of being a grandparent as one filled with unconditional love. Being present whenever my granddaughter calls me “Mimi” (a nickname for the Hokkien word “Guama”) brings me back to youthful memories I cherished when my daughter first called me “mama.” 
Despite the ever-changing world we live in, I stay intact with my traditional beliefs and lessons to my granddaughter. She needs to be grateful to her elders as they have built the essence of her foundation and lifestyle. Yet, humbleness is also a key characteristic in ensuring success as she embarks in different life stages. While experiencing all of this, she must always live life at its fullest.

Manny Santiago
Lead Pastor, Life Giver Church

Last year was a new chapter in my life and my wife Helen when my daughter Jamey and her husband Jan gave birth to a son—my first ever grandson. A bouncing baby boy by the name of Josiah who looks exactly like me, same forehead, same shape of the head, arms, and feet, and complex. My heart was jumping, trying to spill from my chest. I felt I already received my reward from God. What a great joy, and it is even greater than the joy that I felt when my kids were born.
Josiah was born May of 2019, but two months ago, while the whole world was in agony because of the pandemic, the whole Santiago clan and the church were rejoicing on the birth of my second grandchild Bela. The sadness and tears from Covid-19 were transformed into joy, security, love, and protection that comes from God.
When my grandchildren grow older, I want them to realize that the family’s life and future must be dedicated and surrendered as a gift to God, only there and then they will become a gift to the nation. Don’t just produce professionals in your household or family, produce a generation of upright and godly, because through them that the nation is safe and blessed. May God bless the seed of the families of the nation Philippines.