Fresnedi signs ordinance directing health facilities to submit COVID-19 daily report for disease surveillance, response

Muntinlupa City Mayor Jaime Fresnedi has signed an ordinance passed by the Muntinlupa City Council directing all health establishments providing laboratory and diagnostic services to submit a daily report to the City Health Office for timely disease surveillance and response. 

Muntinlupa Mayor Jaime Fresnedi (right) with Transportation Sec. Arthur Tugade during a recent meeting in the city about COVID-19. (Muntinlupa PIO/MANILA BULLETIN)

Under the ordinance, the coronavirus virus-related data shall include personal health information of cases and identified close contacts, the individual’s past, present or future physical health or condition including demographic data, diagnosis and management, medication history, health financing record and cost of services. 

The daily reporting of the COVID-19-related data to the City Health Office is needed “to outline the true COVID-19 health situation in terms of status and extent of local and community transmission.” 

The data will be used to “build a repository of real-time COVID-19-related data as basis of evidence-informed health policy and intervention measure,” according to the ordinance. The  personal information will be subject to the limitations provided under the Data Privacy Act.

The ordinance mandates that security measures should be implemented in the collection and processing of data to “protect the data privacy rights of every individual at all times.”

The processing of health information will be limited only to the minimum extent of personal data needed for “case investigation and management, contract tracing and monitoring, quarantine and isolation, mandatory reporting to public health authorities or treatment and coordination purposes.”

All personnel involved in the collection and processing of the data will sign a non-disclosure agreement to prevent any unauthorized processing or disclosure.