From plants to kitchenware: All the good things you can buy from the 9.9 sale

Published September 9, 2020, 12:04 PM

by Vianca Gamboa

Or should we say ‘gourd’ stuff?

Online shopping is the best thing that happened in the age of the internet. Not only are we getting a more secure and convenient checkout without having to go out and mind parking and lines, we’re also getting a lot of sale! Mark the next date with the same month and day, and expect something bulky and heavy in your next delivery. 

Speaking of a monthly shelling out, 9.9 sale is coming (again, finally), and Gourdo’s is joining the bandwagon with classic bestsellers including pillows, dinnerware, and kitchenware items going on sale for as much as 50 percent off. 

If you don’t have a list yet—or maybe you just buy stuff on an impulse—we’re here to provide you with a checklist of novelty items you can get for a lower price. 

1. The Dream pillow 20 x 30 (P1,200)

Targeting household woes shouldn’t be limited to leaks and damages, you have to take healthcare into account too. Jumpstart your home makeover with items that make a huge difference, like the dream pillow. It alleviates pressure points and contains hypoallergenic properties to help prevent the spread of air-transmitted disease and skin allergies.

2. Amab duvet lightweight in Queen (P2,640)

Having trouble sleeping at night? This white linen duvet has an air-permeable filling that offers a relaxing plush comfort, and a patented “infastener” system to keep your sheets in place. On top of its calming properties, it also kills dust mites and bacteria for that rejuvenating effect.

3. Charger plate round beaded gold 13″ set of 4 (P540)

Bring fine dining to your home through this golden charger plate that is not as pricey as you think. This decorative piece is a great addition to your everyday table setup or houseware arrangements for that extra luxurious feel. 

4. Terrarium tools

Starting a garden is not suitable if you don’t have a large outdoor space and a nice lawn, but you can make the terrarium of your dreams with minimal space and essentials. Gourdo’s offers everything you need to build your small terrarium—from glass containers, intricate trays, pebbles, and tools to potted plants in all shapes and sizes. 

5. Swissmar seven-piece candle chocolate fondue set(P588)

Here’s a classy, cleaner, and energy-saving way to enjoy your fondue. This set comes with a tealight candle for low flame heat, a black metal stand, a white ceramic bowl, and four stainless forks.  

You can check out all its items on sale for the big 9.9 through these pages:| You can also visit its major stores across Metro Manila.