Wearing of face shield now a must in Mandaluyong

Mandaluyong City Mayor Carmelita Abalos has signed Ordinance No. 798 which calls for the mandatory use of face shield aside from face mask while in public transport, workplaces, and public places in the city.

The measure provides that face shields must completely cover the entire face. Visor-type shields that only cover the eyes and nose are not allowed.

The city government deemed it necessary to impose the mandatory use of face shields along with face masks in public places “since studies have shown that face shields further reduce viral exposure and in order to promote a more comprehensive action to curb the spread of COVID-19.”

Violators of the ordinance will pay a fine of P100 for the first offense, P200 for the second offense, and P300 for the third offense. For subsequent offenses, a fine of P500 or imprisonment for a week, or a combination of both depending on the discretion of the court, will be imposed.

The ordinance which took effect immediately upon the approval of the mayor “shall continue to be enforced until the cessation of the State of Public Health Emergency due to COVID-19.”