5 skin-saving products you should finally try this month

Published September 3, 2020, 3:50 PM

by Paola Navarette

Here’s to putting your best face forward 

The Christmas season has officially arrived, bringing with it a switch to cozier basics and creamier textures. Just in time for what feels like the longest holiday celebration (in the Philippines, at least), consider turning over a new leaf with some of the coolest innovations out there.

When it comes to the best skincare products, lists seem to stretch on for miles. (Think of retinol creams and the antioxidant-packed serums made just for sleep). But as 10-step routines have begun to feel superfluous in the days of quarantine, many of us have whittled down our regimens to just a handful of hero products. 

Below, we single out the products that have made the cut—from a hardworking drugstore cleansing foam to a game-changing powder mask. 

Here’s a catch: all of these items will be on sale this week in celebration of the 9.9 Shopee Super Shopping Day, the e-commerce platform’s largest regional event. So it’s time to amp up those wallets and empty those shopping carts as Shopee holds its beauty sale this Sunday, Sept. 6.

Senka Perfect Whip Collagen-In Deep Moisturizing Cleansing Foam, P299

Shiseido’s sister brand has hit on a wonderful formula to deep cleanse the skin and revive its glow. A comfort blanket for the skin, this creamy wonder from Senka is rich with anti-aging ingredients such as silk essence, collagen, and hyaluronic acid to firm up and hydrate the skin while gently removing impurities. 

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Namu Life Snail White Whipp Soap, P236

It goes against what we’ve been told for decades, but bar soaps can no longer be filed under ‘harsh, skin-stripping irritants,’ or be avoided for being basic. Now formulated with results-driven ingredients and often sold in plastic-free packaging, it’s no wonder people are switching their liquid soaps for moisturizing, eco-friendly alternatives. This invigorating Namu Life bar soap, housed in a delicate net, gently cleanses and brightens the skin with sunflower and blackcurrant seed oils. Plus, it smells as amazing as you’d imagine.

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Oxecure Acne Clear Powder Mud, P89

Six hours under a layer of this brilliant leave-on mask and your face will feel nourished. It contains salicylic acid, niacinamide, and nourishing extracts such as shea butter and chamomile. One advantage of tinkering with powders like this is that it allows for crafting customized batches—something ready-made formulas can’t match. 

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Fresh Jeju Aloe Ice Cooling Mask, P55

With skin-plumping aloe vera leaf extract, this sheet mask is just the sort of fast-absorbing, multitasking product we need for busy mornings.

Use this fragrance-free mask at least twice a week on your face before sleeping, and in just a few weeks you’ll notice smoother, brighter skin, thanks to the hefty dose of the wonder plant.

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel, P719

Any decent moisturizer should hydrate the skin, but the best ones also fight free radical damage, protect skin from damage, and heal your natural barrier. This lightweight moisturizer is like a cold drink of water for your face. It’s packed with hyaluronic acid to plump skin right away while feeling weightless, making it ideal for oily skin. 

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