Sharon Cuneta admits to selling properties amid pandemic

Published September 1, 2020, 1:13 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Seasoned singer-actress Sharon Cuneta surprised many of her fans revealing via her latest vlog she has recently been selling some of her properties to get through the pandemic.


According to the Megastar, the COVID-19 scare led to the shelving of some projects including two concert tours.

A movie was also cancelled along with several scheduled corporate shows.

“But sa awa ng Diyos I was able to sell real estate just before last year ended. And that is why I’m okay at nakakatulog,” said the 54-year-old. “I’m still selling some properties.”

Cuneta then went on to explain the importance of saving, noting everything she owns came from hard work.

“Like ngayon wala akong trabaho ng walong buwan na… So ‘yan ang ganda ng pag-i-invest kasi alam ko kung kailan mo dapat gumastos para ma-enjoy ko ‘yung pera because I don’t like money to rule me. I like to enjoy my money and I love money. Why? Because I am the master of my money. Money is not my master. It will never be.”

“And I like things that appreciate in value. I don’t buy expensive cars because they depreciate. My father collected cars and watches. Namana ko ‘yung love niya for watches. My mom loved jewelry. And I love jewelry because I have daughters, too and pang-investment saken ‘yun eh,” she added.

Prior to the said vlog, she has also shared some tips and advice on how her fans could save up.

“Do not invest in things you do not understand,” she reminded, adding the importance of starting small.