FASHION PULIS: Taking Advantage

Published August 31, 2020, 8:47 AM

by Mike Lim

Showbiz friends held a party and everyone brought food for potluck.

Celebrity One (CO) brought lechon. The others were assigned Japanese food, pasta, BBQ, and dessert. The Host (TH) took charge of drinks. The day came and CO was upset, as she claimed that miscommunication about dates with the lechon seller led to the non-arrival of the order. The waiting for the order was also the excuse of CO for coming late. The other guests comforted CO and told her it’s okay as there was already more than enough food.

The guests took time to tell stories and have fun. After eating, much food was still left, as most were health conscious and avoided carbs. CO asked if she could bring home the leftover BBQ and pasta for her kids. The guests gave an affirmative response.

While the guests continued to tell stories, CO literally cleared the table, as in loading all the food trays to her car. Even the pastries and other desserts were not spared. After loading up the food, CO joined the other guests.

CO noticed the various plants, including cacti, around the home of TH. TH said her kids were taking care of the cacti. Nicely, TH said that CO can get what she likes and she’ll just tell her kids. Later, CO took the plants she liked. TH was busy interacting with the guests and did not notice that CO cleared her garden too.

As the party came to an end, the guests went to the kitchen and saw they did not have to clean anything anymore. They thought the helpers of TH already cleaned up for them. CO left first, the rest, except for Guest 2 and 3 (G2 and G3, respectively) followed.

TH then asked her helpers if they had eaten. She was shocked at what she heard. The helpers said that they have not eaten and will just eat the dinner they prepared. TH, G2, and G3 were surprised as they knew much of the potluck food was left uneaten. The helpers said that CO took everything. G2 asked where her Pyrex was and they said CO took it, too. G3 said she was lucky that she only used disposables.

When they stepped out, TH became stressed at seeing the empty patches that used to be occupied by her plants. The plants of her kids were taken along with rare ones and orchids. To lessen the tension, G2 said she knows of a plant seller and she’ll help replace those that were taken.

Lover Boy

Handsome Actor (HA) is the reason Influential Personality (IP) has been keeping away from the public. Any links between HA and IP will result in months of talks about the true self of IP. Hence, everything thing that can make a connection has been hushed up. Being with IP ensured that HA would not go hungry and the young talent would not worry even if projects are limited.

One day, HA packed up and left the love nest he shared with IP. IP was shocked and angered at HA for leaving without even saying a proper goodbye. IP looked for HA, as no one deserves to be abandoned with no reason at all. Besides, no one does that to IP. Finally, HA admitted that his management found out about his liaisons with IP and warned him. He had to make a decision. IP panicked as he feared his secret sexuality might be out and a scandal is not at all welcome. However, that admission was not the end of the story.

IP found out from his circle that the excuse of HA was merely for convenience. HA has been seeing Versatile Talent (VT) and spending private moments with him. IP was infuriated as he could not understand HA opted for someone who is not as rich or influential as him.

Later, HA noticed he was being followed and knowing IP, he thought his life might be in danger. HA contacted an Observant Benefactor (OB) and told his story, but skipped the parts about VT. HA sought help from OB, who then hired security for HA.