AllHome banks on Vista Land for growth

Published August 31, 2020, 12:54 PM

by James A. Loyola

AllHome Corporation, owner of the country’s pioneering one-stop full line home center, will continue to bank of its synergies with sister company Vista Land & Lifescapes for its growth in earnings as well as for expansion in prime locations nationwide.

AllHome is part of The Villar Group’s comprehensive retail ecosystem that anticipates and sustains the needs of the nearby communities provided by Vista Land, the country’s largest homebuilder.

“Our retail businesses are hinged on our knowledge and deep understanding of the growing families we have living in our communities. This gives us a unique perspective when deciding what to offer and how to sell to our customers,” said Vista Land and AllValue (parent company of AllHome) Chairman Manuel B. Villar, Jr.

Vista Land is present in almost 150 cities and municipalities across the country, having built nearly

500,000 homes nationwide.

Through its consumer base, Vista Land provides its affiliates in the retail business with access to a wide and captured market of homeowners and homebuilders.

“Vista Land’s locations also attract other developers to locate nearby, contributing to the growth of AllHome’s captive market,” the retailer said.

The same synergistic relationship with Vista Land that allows AllHome to tap a strong network of homeowners and homebuilders also gives it access to a vast 3,000-hectare landbank of prime locations for future store expansion.

“With all branches situated close to residential developments, AllHome becomes a natural and preferred option for homeowners because of ease of access, especially during the current pandemic,” the firm said.

Not only does AllHome enjoy proximity to residential communities, it also features independent entry points, minimizing unnecessary contact with other shoppers.

AllHome’s continued growth is also bolstered by its growing network of selling channels, such as its e-commerce website, Viber communities, and personal shopper services.

In addition to AllHome’s diversified channels, AllHome maximizes its synergy with Vista Land through specialized packages exclusive to Vista Land homeowners.

These packages include furniture, appliances, homewares and linens that take into consideration the style, measurements, and floor areas of the many different Vista Land housing developments. These packages also extend the expertise of AllHome’s in-house professional styling team.