‘Sex is part of life’ – Dawn Chang

Published August 29, 2020, 2:52 PM

by Neil Ramos

Dancer-actress Dawn Chang is courting controversy, making public her desire to include sex education among subjects taught in schools.

She made the comment after the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) expressed its support concerning proposals inserting birth-control discussion in “existing subjects” of the higher education curriculum.

According to the 31-year-old sexpot, the youth should know about the matter for their “protection.”

Dawn Chang

She said, “It’s about time we face the reality. Sex is part of life. Teach young children how to protect themselves instead of telling them NOT to have sex at all.”

“Sex is not just having a sexual intercourse. It is also discussing proper hygiene and a lot more. Children must be taught so they grow up informed,” she added.

Dawn believes proper sex education could help mitigate unwanted pregnancies.

“I’m sure every single one of us has a friend who got or got someone pregnant unexpectedly,” she tweeted. “Protection is way better than abortion and/or dreams being shattered because of unplanned pregnancy.”