Globe underscores importance of cybersecurity with Secureworks partnership

Published August 27, 2020, 9:00 AM

by MB Business

Revamping its already wide array of solutions to cover the ever-changing demands of today’s digitally-driven enterprise landscape, Globe Business recently added US-based cybersecurity provider Secureworks as one of its partners in its advocacy for digital transformation.

Through the said partnership, Globe is encouraging companies in the Philippines to prioritize cementing business operations and customer services through trusted and competitive cybersecurity solutions tailored for effective and early threat prevention, detection, and response.

Among these is Secureworks’ flagship service — the Red Cloak Threat Detection and Response — which banks on the company’s more than 20 years of cybersecurity expertise, and leverages advanced analytics and threat intelligence to ease businesses’ worries on potential threats by quickly identifying and resolving harmful activities.

Another solution is Management Detection and Response, which gives round-the-clock surveillance and has the capability to deal even with volumes of attacks. There’s also the Incident Management Retainer solution, which grants companies access to highly-skilled security consultants and research experts to augment a particular firm’s response team to address various cyber adversaries.

For corporate businesses who know the value of cybersecurity but are often intimidated about where to start, Secureworks has the Detect and Prevent program, a solution targeted to provide the needed foundation in securing assets.

Secureworks Chief Channel Officer Maureen Perrelli welcomed the company’s collaboration with Globe, as both firms share the same vision to help organizations bridge their cybersecurity gap with industry-leading solutions. With the partnership, businesses in the Philippines can gain access to Secureworks’ cybersecurity services, which protect more than 4,000 customers worldwide, and process 310 billion cyber events per day and 1,000 incident response engagement per year.

“Now, more than ever, businesses need partners who can provide modern security solutions that enable digital transformation while also protecting their data, reputation, and revenue,” Perrelli said.

“We believe that cybersecurity should also be supported by a community. It’s never a battle won by one team alone. Our experience using Secureworks’ services enables us to not only bridge businesses to cybersecurity experts and cyber threat intelligence but also provide predictive, continuous, and responsive protection,” said Globe Business Senior Vice President Peter Maquera.

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