Check this out: BTS ‘Dynamite’ video inspires couple’s interior design goal

Published August 26, 2020, 1:09 AM

by Johannes Chua

“Dynamite,” the newest song from K-pop royalty BTS, launched all kinds of verbs related to exploding, such as smashing or destroying, as its video broke another YouTube record. This time, views almost reached 100 million in just 24 hours, and logging in a mind-blowing (again, with reference to “dynamite”) 75,000 views per minute. 

The song is BTS’s first full English language song, so it was not surprising that its video is an obvious nod to Americana of the ‘70s. The video is bathed in pastel hues, as shown in scenes where the boys dance inside a donut shop, gasoline station, disco, record bar, and cafeteria. The song is lively and danceable, and its video exudes the fun and vibe of youth, making pundits dub “Dynamite” as the song of the summer in the US. 

What’s interesting in the video is that even if the track’s tempo is upbeat, the pastel colors presented in the sets, props, and costumes are soothing to the eyes. Pastel—pink, mauve, baby blue, mint, peach, and lavender—is used in interior design to give rooms a soft, fresh, and calm feel. Colors here are preferred for curtains, cushions, and throwpillows to add “softness” to wood backgrounds. 

This BTS video inspired couple Jaycee and Sheila Chua to come up with their own pastel-themed interior concept, which they plan to turn into a reality once they build their dream house in a few years’ time. Through the help of artist Andrei Mendoza, they were able to render their vision into a series of pastel-themed interior pegs for their dream living area, kitchen, master’s bedroom, to a work-from-home space.

Jaycee, a registered mechanical engineer, is currently working as a senior project manager at an architecture firm; while his wife is a housekeeping supervisor for a five-star hotel. Jaycee also manages Prism Agile on the side, a project management, construction management, and design consultancy firm. It also does custommade furniture, renovations, and fit-outs. 

The colors of the shirts of the BTS members at the end of the video inspired their living area design. The wall is in light coral, while the curtain, sofa, and throwpillows follow the same colors of the shirts worn by the BTS’s members. A nod to the band’s Korean nationality could be seen in the three portraits depicting scenes from their country. 

PASTEL PASSION The design scheme of the living area takes cues from the colors of the shirts (inset) of the BTS members

The master’s bedroom, on the other hand, is inspired by the portion of the video where one of the boys is dancing inside a bedroom. The color of the jacket worn by the BTS member is of similar shade to the couple’s main wall, which is on top of their headboard. The curtain and the carpet also follow the pastel theme, putting a relaxing ambience to break the monotony of the wooden cabinets.

DESIGN DEN Aside from using the same pattern for the carpet, the color of the bedroom’s main wall is taken from the color of Jungkook’s shirt (inset)

Jaycee admits that it was his wife that initially came up with the design, which has been on her mind even before the BTS video premiered. 

“My wife is a K-drama fan. I remembered her telling me that she was impressed with the home interior of one of the series she watched. She liked the soft, cool shades of coral, plus the soothing look of accents in ocean blue and greenish colors,” Jaycee says, sharing that his wife loves watching Hyun Bin and Park Seo-joon

It was a surprise that what they had in mind for their dream house design was exactly the color theme of the “Dynamite” video. “We felt that we got our color combinations right, and with that video, I’m sure there are a lot of people who now know how pastel colors can help bring a soothing quality and how good it looks in interiors..”

The couple’s interior for their kitchen and dining area also embraces the pastel theme. Walls are in light coral as well, matched with cabinets that come in Turkish blue. The guest room also maintains the theme, which can be seen in the curtain and daybed. 

KITCHEN COOL The dining area is inspired by the donut shop scene (inset) of the Dynamite video
CALM SPACE The guestroom follows the same design theme, from its curtain to daybed

With “Dynamite” raking in more than a hundred million views as of this writing, more people would be inspired with (or even imitate) its design theme. That’s the influence of the visual medium that BTS has mastered.  The video’s look may also be a deliberate attempt to show that BTS, even with its global success and record-breaking efforts, is ready to offer something new and fresh—even unwittingly inspiring the design of a couple’s dream home. Onward to a billion views!