Idiots and geniuses

Published August 21, 2020, 2:45 PM

by Jullie Y. Daza


Jullie Y. Daza

Who is the DepEdiot who made the “suggestion” that kids on distance learning sit in front of their computers for eight hours?

Does this guy consider himself an educator (???) and what is his IQ? Like suckers who are born every minute, certain subnormal species thrive in the bureaucracy, where there’s a habit of promoting people to the level of their incompetence. Thus did the genius who belongs to the deep end of idiotcation temporarily stress out parents who’re still learning to navigate with their kids the waves of a new way of schooling.

Thanks to the vigilance of the public and netizens, the proposal was instantly laughed out of existence, though unfortunately the proponent stays in DepEd, where he enjoys a title at less than eight hours (?) a day and is paid to dream up ingenious ideas.

Meanwhile, his superiors could idiotcate him on the physical, mental, and psychological pitfalls of forcing children to sit still, focus, and follow Teacher for one-third of the day’s 24 hours. The best punishment would be to tie him down to a chair in an empty room, painted white, and force him to concentrate in front of a brightly lighted screen – for eight hours daily – on the ABC-XYZ of treating children like people, not dummies. (Maybe his problem is that he has spent too much time with dummies?)

Nor are the higher echelons lacking in a ready supply of brilliant thinkers. Look at the Interagency Task Force on Emerging Etc., where one gentleman emerged with a proposal to ban smoking to slow the spread of coronavirus. Only the vigorous objection of the secretary of Labor doused water on the idea, pointing out that the tobacco industry earns billions in taxes. Indeed, we live in uncertain times — who knows when you’ll be told not to breathe, yawn, or talk because your droplets could be transmitted in the process?

It took the same IATF, where the generals will not brook a “No, sir!”, weeks to relent on the unsafe, unnecessary plastic barrier separating a motorcycle rider and his back-riding passenger. What to do with those useless barriers now? Donate the lot to IATF, where a great mind will convert them into face shields.