DOST launches pandemic manual

The Department of Science and Technology Region XI (DOST XI) recently launched a "Pandemic Manual," which contains procedures in the implementation of various technologies, innovations, and systems developed to provide a secure working environment in the event of health emergency outbreaks.

(Photo via Dhel Nazario / MANILA BULLETIN)

The manual, titled, “Pandemic Manual: A Procedures Manual on Prevention, Mitigation and Building Resilience to Epidemics and Pandemics” is for both DOST XI personnel and its customers, to ensure the continuous delivery of quality products and services despite past, ongoing or anticipated epidemics and pandemics.

A ceremonial turn-over of the manual was held recently.

Handing the manual to NEDA XI Regional Director Ma. Lourdes M. Lim and the Office of Civil Defense XI (OCD XI) and the Regional Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council XI (RDRRMC XI) as represented by OCD XI Regional Director Manolito P. Orense was DOST XI Regional Director Dr. Anthony C. Sales, CESO III.

“This turnover is the mechanism of the office to share this initiative to our fellow government agencies – this can be used as a guide in crafting localized guidelines in their organization. Having this policy guide is important to ensure the continuous delivery of quality products and services despite past, ongoing or anticipated epidemics and pandemics,” Sales said.

Lim said the formulation of the manual is very timely as we are now being challenged to address the current COVID- 19 crisis as well as to be better prepared for any similar incidents in the future.

“This PanManual shall provide guidance on the standard operating procedures to generate common understanding and coordinated implementation on best practices, strategies and policies in pandemic preparedness, recovery and mitigation planning and implementation of a quality controlled system to regularly monitor and evaluate the operability and quality of regional, local, and sectoral preparedness plans,” Lim said.

She also mentioned that the manual shall be disseminated to all RDC XI members and stakeholders in Davao Region to serve as reference in crafting their own response, mitigation, and recovery plans and programs.

Orense, also the Chairperson of the RDRRMC XI, said the initiative is a vital development in the government’s efforts against pandemics and epidemics. He is hoping the DOST will come up with more innovations and dynamic undertakings as the battle against the pandemic continues.