Here’s the reason why John Regala’s friends stopped crowdfunding for his liver cirrhosis treatment

Published August 18, 2020, 12:05 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

A few weeks ago, news broke out that veteran actor John Regala was seen walking around in the streets of Manila. He was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and due to lack of funds, had no dialysis for months. According to Medical News Today, liver cirrhosis occurs when healthy liver cells are replaced with scar tissue, blocking the blood flow through the liver. Excessive drinking, fatty liver disease, hepatitis B and C infections, and genetic diseases are some of the causes. Early detection can help prevent life-threatening complications that it will bring, including edema which is the buildup of fluid in the legs, swollen veins in the esophagus and stomach, high toxins in blood, and liver cancer, among others.

Upon hearing the news about the 55-year-old actor, celebrity friends showed no hesitation to help him out. Chuckie Dreyfus, Nadia Montenegro, and Aster Amoyo even putt up a crowdfunding page for people to chip in, but recent events have led three of his friends to share the difficulties they faced in taking care of John. 

“I did my best! We all did! But as of this minute I am turning over everything and anything regarding my brother John Regala to nanay Aster A. Amoyo,” says Nadia Montenegro in her Facebook post. Despite this post, she asked everyone to “please continue to pray for him. He needs that more than anything. I will always be here to help, but I can only do so much. Aster also revealed in her Facebook account that John insisted on leaving the hospital and said that he is not a cooperative patient. 

Last night, Chuckie, who also shares the same sentiments, released an official statement from the three of them. 

In the letter, they revealed that it has not been easy taking care of a “very uncooperative and difficult individual” with John having a “terrible habit of constant and abusive self-medication is something we cannot condone nor tolerate.”

Taking care of the elderly and sick can take a toll on anyone, especially during this lockdown. Nadia adds in her post: “Helping others brings me so much ‘joy’ but for some reason, this brought me so much sadness. My heart is broken into many pieces.” 

The letter continued with them expressing their gratitude to everyone who helped. They have closed their crowdfunding page and will turnover all donations to John. “John health’s problems are still far from over, and we can only hope and pray that he eventually listens to the advice of doctors and the people who love and care for him. May he also spend the remainder of his funds wisely.”