Korina Sanchez reveals fling with telenovela actor, not asking money from Mar Roxas

Published August 14, 2020, 7:08 PM

by Neil Ramos

Fernando Carillo and Korina Sanchez

Korina Sanchez attracted attention from netizens recently, revealing in an interview with film/TV writer G3 San Diego that she once dated Venezuelan actor Fernando Carillo.

Fans should remember Carillo as Thalia’s screen partner in the hit telenovela “Rosalinda.”

The short-lived romance didn’t bear fruit with Korina admitting she “ran away from him.”

“Natakot ako,” she added.

“We had a date, and at the end of that date, nagkakaripas ako ng takbo papasok ng kotse ko to leave. Na-tense ako, e.”

She made clear as well, “Walang nangyari. Not even a kiss. Nothing.”

Fernando is such a darling but you have to be ready for him. Super gwapo, super sweet, pero I really ran away from him,Sanchez explained.

More, the veteran broadcaster in the same interview also divulged being financially independent from husband, Mar Roxas.

She affirmed this in an Instagram post Monday saying, “I do not ask money from my husband. Not yet anyway.”

“I’m a big believer in a woman earning her own money. This is freedom. And freedom is happiness. This is self respect. If you respect yourself, others have no choice but to respect you,” she related.

Sanchez also gave pointers relating to the topic of the same interview: Empowered women in love.

She said love can only be “voluntary,” and that “no document can gauge, guarantee or dictate true love.”

“Yes, I declared to Mar then: we don’t need to get married. Pero gusto pa rin niya,” she added.

Sanchez believes in commitment though she thinks it can “dissipate when misery is daily and respect flies out the door.”

“Kaya ang marriage vow ko is not ’till death do us part.’ It is ‘hanggang makakaya ko.’”