No to dirty! Don’t forget to put some TLC to your WFH

Published August 12, 2020, 6:14 AM

by Johannes Chua

The WFH setup is changing the way people work, eat, and relax. Sometimes, all these things are carried out in the WFH space. In between work, lunch and dinner are done at the same work desk. After work, movies and Netflix shows are now viewed on the same computer screen. It is also inevitable to have snacks by the side—at all times!

Home experts agree that the key to an ideal WFH is to make it clean and clutter-free. A clutter-free space, they say, promotes a clutter-free mind. So here are five easy ways to ensure you give your WFH spot its much-deserved TLC after spending most of your time there during the lockdown.

1. Start decluttering by “in” and “out”

Is that thing part of your work? Will that thing help you accomplish your task at hand? If yes, then it’s “in,” if not, then it’s “out.” It’s as simple as that as this first step allows you to start decluttering not only your WFH space, but also your entire house.

2. Use corners or walls for shelves

Shelves help you organize your things and keep everything in place. It also stores your work documents, keeping them from getting lost or being minded by others. As for open shelves on walls, these can double as a container for books and reports, or for aesthetic purposes as a space for portraits, curio items, or potted plants.


Not a lot of people are aware of this, but CLAYGO means “clean as you go.” At the end of each day or before going to bed, clear your WFH area like how you usually do it at your office. It doesn’t mean you just have to dump everything at the desk since it is your home anyway.

4. Sanitize for your life

Even at home, it won’t hurt if you regularly sanitize your work space, especially during a health pandemic. Start with the desk. There are various safe cleaning agents available to help you. Don’t forget your desktop or laptop screen, keyboard, and mouse. Crumbs from cookies, bread, or cake or stains from juices and coffee are all over your workplace, “tucked” in hidden corners. You don’t want uninvited guests (aka insects or ants) invading your WFH space.

5. Practice recycling

If you really need to print documents, make sure to re-use (utilize the two sides of a paper) or recycle if you don’t need them anymore. If possible, file things electronically (e.g. utility bills) to reduce not only the burden of having many sheets of paper to store, but also to ease the burden on the planet. There’s no cleaning lady to help you or remind you to recycle, so see to it that you are your own responsible cleaning team.