Aspiring director ventures into online selling

Published August 12, 2020, 1:24 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Mario Theros

Mario Theros’ dreams to direct a film will have to wait.

For now, his focus is building more solid spot in the online selling arena with his apparel brand.

“When I finished my college degree with Latin honors, all I wanted to do was pursue what my seaman dad wanted for me, and that was to work abroad as a professional chef in a cruise line or a in a five-star hotel. My other dream was to be in business and that’s what I pursued,” said he.

He explored the famous night markets of Bangkok and got fascinated by the unique designs of clothes, shoes and accessories.

“It turned out good that I decided to create my own designs under the label Move On and sell them online. I’ve been doing it for four years now.”

Marco also offers quality yet affordable bags and footwear line.

His customers include Filipinos working abroad. Middle East, US, and Southeast Asian countries.

“Running an online business is as wild as a bungee jumping ride. You need to take risks and trust yourself that you can fly high. It can be scary but it is fulfilling,” he said.

How do you keep up with the trend?

“We always keep up with the trend by researching and watching fashion shows around the world on the net. We have a core product which is the terno but we also explore, like currently, we are dabbling on minimalist look.”

Marco attributes his success to being goal-oriented,professional and adaptive to change, among other factors.

“Our customers serve as the driveway of our business and they are the ones who will bring us to our destination.”