Having problems with your WiFi signal at home? Here’s how you can fix it

Published August 7, 2020, 9:26 AM

by Enzo Luna

Having a slow and intermittent WiFi signal at home can be such a bummer and it’s making us feel bad and disappointed that we’ve been short-changed.

Yet there are many factors that affect the signal of our home router that causes the WiFi to slowdown. 

Here are some reasons why and how you can fix the problem, easily.

Your router is not working properly

Check your router if it’s working properly. If you have noticed a slowdown on your WiFi connection at home, try to turn off the unit for about 5 minutes, and then turn it on again. Check the lights if they are blinking properly. If there is still a slow connection or no-connection at all, call your service provider’s technician, report, and wait for it to be serviced.

You need to upgrade to a higher plan

If you’re subscribed to a minimal or low plan, chances are the data will be used up if there are multiple users at home at the same time. Downloading files and streaming online can slow down and can consume your data allocation for the month. If your plan is 10mbps or less, all simultaneous users might split the bandwidth and it will affect the WiFi allocation and usage at home.

 You can boost your data for add-ons through the Globe at Home app or upgrade to a higher plan for non-stop and uninterrupted WiFi connection.

Location of router

Most of the time, the location where you place your router generally affects the signal of your home WiFi. Check the places where you’ve installed the router. Thick walls, furniture, appliances, bookshelves, etc., can block the WiFi signal. Look for more open spaces at home.

By now, you’re probably wondering and a little bit curious on how to get a better WiFi signal at home, especially when you already have your router device placed in strategic and proper locations inside your residence, and you’ve followed all the suggestions we’ve mentioned above.

It’s time to mesh up!

Why choose a mesh system to power up your WiFi connection at home?

Mesh WiFi or Whole Home Wifi system consists of a main router that directly connects to a series of satellite modules, or nodes, placed around your house. Each node is a router, working together to blanket your home with WiFi. Since it’s like having multiple routers in your home, a range extender would not be needed anymore. 

A mesh system improves your WiFi experience at home by covering every room with strong WiFi signal and eliminates the need to move your router around or lay cables all over your house. Imagine too many cables and wires dangling everywhere. The mesh system will also make your place look neat and organized.

With a WiFi Mesh, each member of the house can maximize their connection and not have to worry about being too far from their router. The device boosts the WiFi signal in each room it is in, so that a user can walk around the house and experience no loss of speed. Unlike WiFi extenders that just expand the signal to a particular distance (and WiFi signal quality is also compromised as you move further), mesh can extend the signal to all parts of the house (depending on the quantity) and does not diminish the WiFi signal received from the main router.

Having a mesh unit that is connected to the same network conveniently passes you around from unit to unit depending which one you are closest to and it saves you from creating multiple WiFi names (SSIDs) & passwords.

Subscribing to Globe at Home Postpaid plans and availing of add-on devices such as the TP-Link WiFi mesh can help eliminate dead WiFi spots at home.

TP-Link Deco M5 can provide seamless and secure WiFi in every room it is placed in. It does so by automatically connecting other TP-Link devices, creating a WiFi web that will bring fast connections no matter where the customer is. This device is suitable for families with kids, as it includes a parental control that can manage and restrict content, as well as protect the home network with a firewall and wireless encryption.

TP-Link set-up is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Download the TP-Link Deco app on your device, take the TP-Link WiFi Mesh out of the box, and follow the remaining on-screen instructions. No need for an extender. TP-Link WiFi Mesh will even help you place each unit in the best spot.

We recommend you get the device in pairs since the mesh network will only work if you have at least 2 units. Add TP-Link to your Globe at Home Plan for only P300 per month for 2 units for 24 months. If you don’t want to worry about setting them up, you can have the Globe Tech Squad come in and do it all for you. Learn more about Tech Squad via https://shop.globe.com.ph/tech-squad.

Avail your TP-Link WiFi mesh device here at https://shop.globe.com.ph/tplink to experience a seamless WiFi connection at home.