Saan aabot ang P300 mo? Learn script writing from Ricky Lee

The legendary screenwriter will hold two storytelling masterclasses next week

With over 70 trophies from several award-giving bodies and more than 180 film screenplays in his name, Ricardo Lee, or Ricky Lee as he is commonly referred to, is a towering figure in the Philippine film industry.

Lee, the man who contributed a quarter of the screenplays of the Philippine Cinema’s Second Golden Age, is known for ceremoniously conducting scriptwriting workshops. He opens his home library to strangers willing to learn from him every Sunday and, of course, teaches at formal writing events.

Due to the pandemic, however, face-to-face classes are impossible. But that doesn’t mean the multi-awarded scriptwriter will stop educating the fresh batch of filmmakers and writers. As a matter of fact, Lee has upcoming masterclasses on storytelling, which will be held via Zoom on Aug. 9 and 15, titled Mga Tao at mga Tauhan (People and Characters).

Walang himala! Sulit na workshop meron.

Learn how to unearth the truth through stories, and to discover your unique voice, through Lee's 11-story steps. The workshop will also make you understand the significance of thinking inside and outside the box, as well how to write during the pandemic by harnessing the magic of convergence and serendipity.

If you want to join the workshop, all you have to do is sign up here:

Registration fee is P300. Not bad considering how one would spend thousands of pesos in a regular online class. And we’re talking about the Ricky Lee.

For inquiries visit Cinemalaya’s social media pages. 

By the way, you’re not just gaining priceless knowledge. There will also be handouts and a certificate after the class to be given through email.