2 new buildings to open as quarantine facilities in Pasig City

Published August 5, 2020, 3:34 PM

by Jel Santos

Two new buildings that will serve as quarantine facilities will open in Pasig City by Friday (Aug. 7) to increase the capacity of the city’s Central Quarantine Facility (CQF) for coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) patients,  Mayor Vico Sotto said Wednesday (Aug. 5).

With the opening of the two new buildings as quarantine facilities for mild and asymptomatic COVID-19 positive patients, he said the local government of Pasig can now house an additional 126 patients.

“This brings the total to 338 positive patients. We will work on increasing capacity,” the mayor told the Manila Bulletin.

The two buildings are located at the Rizal High School which currently serves as Pasig’s CQF.

Meantime, Sotto said the city government has 123 rooms available for “close contacts.”

In March, the Dahlia Hotel was converted into a quarantine facility that can house at least 300 people, classified as “close contacts.”

“One room can house a whole family. So if the average family has four members, that’s 492 individuals,” the mayor said.He said Pasig City has more than 100 asymptomatic patients isolated in national government facilities.

The local government’s data showed that as of Aug. 4, the city has 2,025 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 1,087 of which are classified as active cases.
Meantime, the recovery rate of the city remains high with a total of 813 recoveries and 125 deaths.

Of the 30 barangays in Pasig, Barangay Rosario has recorded the most number of confirmed COVID-19 cases with a total of 186.

The barangay with the least number of cases is Barangay Bagong Katipunan which only had two positives, and both of them have recovered from the disease.