Cardona to lock down village with 21 confirmed virus cases starting August 3

Published August 2, 2020, 5:00 PM

by Nel Andrade

CARDONA, Rizal – The municipal government of Cardona has issued an executive order imposing “a localized lockdown  of Rosario Street and other identified households in Barangay Del Remedio, Cardona, Rizal subject to the concurrence of Regional IATF IV-A.”

EO 19 issued by Mayor Teodulo C. Campo provides that entry and exit to Rosario Street and other identified households “will be prohibited for the duration of the lockdown, except for the gravest reasons as may be determined by the local chief executive.”

The lockdown will start at 1 a.m. of August 3 until 12 midnight of August 16. 

Although the lockdown is for the duration of 14 days, it can be shortened “should data indicate that it is safe to do so.”

The local government sanitation personnel have conducted decontamination procedures in Barangay Del Remedio and the villages of San Roque, Dalig, Looc, Iglesia, Calahan and Patunhay.

As of August 1, there are 35 active confirmed cases in the municipality, with 13 cases coming from Barangay Del Remedio alone. There are 58 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the town including 21 cases from Barangay Del Remedio.

Twenty-two persons have so far recovered, including seven persons from Barangay Del Remedio.

Ten of the 18 villages in this lakeshore town, including six villages in Talim Island and four villages in the mainland, remain COVID-19 free as of August 1.

Fishing and farming are among the primary sources of livelihood of residents here.